Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lavender Tea Cozy

Here is an in-progress picture of Lavender Tea Cozy, a design by Karen Kahle.  Since I haven't decided it I'm going to make it into a tea cozy or mat, I drew the straight lines just in case I lean toward the mat.  But as I look at it now I can tell there is a little more space allowed at top than is really needed.

This is to be my hooking project the night of arrival at Barb's and what I'll work on until she gets to color planning my rug.  But it has been such fun working on this piece that it could easily be finished before getting to Barb's.  Therefore, I've decided to put it aside for now so that I'll still have something to work on at Barb's. 

Guess I'll pull out the Sinerely Jane challenge piece and pull some loops on my border as my home project for now since I'm saving this one for Ligonier, PA.

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