Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sincerely Jane Update

Thanks to Jill of Ontario, who informed me that I had the wrong date for the Sinerely Jane Challenge.  April 2011 has come and gone so the challenge is on until April 2012.  So if anyone wishes to join in, go to or write and someone can help you.  Thanks Jill!!!!!

It seems like forever since an update to the Sincerely Jane rug challenge was posted on here.... then again I wonder where the heck the whole month of June went.  Perhaps the reason it seems that time is whizzing by is because I've been working like a maniac on rabbits, dolls, drawing out patterns, all the while trying to also get myself ready for the show on Saturday and keep some semblance of tidiness in my house and yard.  Oh, and trying to hook a little on my rugs for a little down and fun time.

And just when I was seeing a future with a little down time to sit and hook for more than 5 minutes I received an e-mail from the teacher who recently purchased those two Edward Tulane rabbits.  Seems they were very popular and have been asked to make yet another one.  I'm sorta guessing it might be for another teacher, in which case, it could be that I have until September to get him done.  Sure hope I'm right on that.

So for those of you who have been following my blog, you already know the story of the Jane Stickle quilt which was then made into a hooking challenge on the Rughookers Yahoo group.  For those of you just learning about it, look back into the archives here and you will find out the whole story of how this challenge came to be.

Yesterday when I realized I hadn't posted my first of the month update on Yahoo Rughookers on my challenge rug I pulled it out and quickly hooked one block just so there would be an indication of some time spent on it during the last month.  Thankfully I chose to make a small rug as some of the gals have decided to do the entire Jane Stickle quilt size for their challenge piece.  Whew, that is a little more than I would have wanted to take on, particularly since I'm really not a huge fan of geometrics..... I like looking at them but not fond of hooking them.

There is an article in the current Rug Hooking Magazine which was written by JoAnne Harris, who is the organizer of this challenge.   So if you are interested in learning more and perhaps even joining in the challenge yourself, get the article and read it.  You could also join Rughookers on Yahoo and join the challenge as it won't end until April of 2012. 

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  1. Saundra, That is going to be a wonderful rug! What a great idea. You are such a busy lady. This summer is going by so fast.Have a good day, Cheri


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