Friday, July 1, 2011


Wow.... July already?  I swear we went straight from heat to air conditioning with hardly any time to let the windows stay open and let the cool spring breeze blow in.  Well we are definitely into summertime now.

This is a little quilt of many, that I made in anticipation of the building of this house back in 1997  I'd intended to put all twelve together and make a cute little quilt coverlet but instead use them to change the month with different other seasonal decorations on the sofa table near the front door.  It is hard to read in this picture, but to the left of the sails with embroidery floss and running stitch it says "July 1997".

So far I've only just grabbed the quilt piece and still need to go get the little sailboats and lighthouse that I put out along side this.  Perhaps I'll get a picture of the entire layout later and post it tomorrow as I've got to go in search of the other items in the hotter than Hades attic.

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