Monday, July 18, 2011


What does wool, birthdays and hooking have in common?  Well, mainly because it is Betsy Reed's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY!!!!!!!  And in case you didn't know, in celebration of Betsy's birthday, they are giving a magnificent generous 15% discount on orders over $30 ~ check out this link as soon as you finish reading my blog  Hey, it is so very easy to get an order of over $30 together because we always need more.  But you must hurry because the offer ends July 20th, and don't forget to give the code.  And, selfish me didn't post this until I placed my order and have already received notification that it is on it's way.

I've updated my Sincerely Jane challenge piece just a little and this afternoon I'll work some more on my Frost sheep rug and give an update on that one in a day or so.  I now wish I had made my rug one more block wider but still the 4 blocks down.  I think it would have made the triangle pieces a little more balanced but it is too late now.

Since the piece doesn't need to be completed until April 2012, and I chose to do a smaller version, I'm way ahead of schedule.  It really doesn't take much time to hook the squares.  Someone on Rughookers Yahoo asked the question how long does it take to hook the square.  Unfortunately I've not taken the time to do that because I'm so easily distracted watching a movie on TV or General Hospital that I will often pause, watch that story line and then realize I hadn't pulled a loop in 5 minutes.  So here is my rug; I believe that if you double-click on it that it will enlarge a bit.

Back to Betsy...... Something that was a LOT of FUN to do was order the 'remnant bag' assortment.  I have done that twice and it was such fun to get an assortment of wools that I had never ordered but learned that I loved them.  Well, of course as soon as I washed and use one of them had to order more of it.  So what a way to experience a wool and not have to buy a whole yard of it in case you decide it's not for you.  So, don't forget to check out Betsy's sale

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