Friday, July 15, 2011

What to Hook at Camp

I LOVE going to rug camps and since Cape May is just 2 months away I've got to get my act together and decide what I'm going to hook, particularly since we've received a letter from our teacher inquiring so she can be prepared to help in anyway with wool colors, ideas for teaching techniques, etc. 

Right now I'm feeling kinda of wishy washy on what I want to do.  I think my (hopefully temporary) funk could be part of the problem with my decision making.  I've a collection of rug patterns like a store so there is plenty here for me to choose from.  I have this pattern which I purchased from Woolley Fox in May, so could do this one.  But..... I'm presently hooking the Frost Sheep, so do I want to hook another sheep?

Also have this cute and smallish Rainbow Log Cabin, which I also purchased at Barb's.... but it seems sorta small for a 5 day camp and could do that one at home.

And since this design is offered in Barb's book I just enlarged it and drew it on red dot but it seems so big at 25 x 43.  However, I could make a few changes.... eliminate one tree, make the smoke blowing at the side instead of up and put both sheep on a hill to the side ~ or I could remove both trees and sheep and have primitive swags drawn randomly around the sides with more stars. 

And I also have Maggie Bononami's Settler's Pride huge quilt pattern and could do Settler's Cabin.

You get the feeling I want to hook a log cabin?  I do but haven't totally sold myself on the idea yet because I'm still wishy washy.

And then I have always wanted to hook the Three Bears.  But, where in my house would it go?  And my grandson wouldn't think it was too cool for him. 
Just can't seem to make up my mind.  So, with still 2 months to go perhaps I'll give myself a little more time to think about it and maybe I'll sit in the floor of the wool room and pull out all the patterns I have; perhaps I've got one that I've forgotten about and that one will be the one that speaks to me.


  1. Saundra,

    I vote for the one with the blue stars and two sheep. If you hook it or the 3 bears, they can always hang out here in Florida!

    Ta for all,

  2. Hi Saundra, I vote for the cabin and two sheep. You are going to have so much fun!I hope I am able to go to a rug camp some day!

  3. Saundra ~
    My first choice is the Maggie B. I love her designs! The second choice is the cabin and two sheep.
    I have never been to a rug camp :( I am so excited because I did sign up to go to the Heavens to Betsy camp at Shaker Village in KY next summer.
    So many little!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. I vote for either of the sheep ones. You can never have too many sheep mats!

  5. There just might be a cabin in my future. Thanks gals, I really appreciate your input.


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