Monday, July 11, 2011

One Loop at a Time

Progress on my Frost Sheep rug has been rather slow but I'm making headway pulling one loop at a time in what free time I can find.   As previously mentioned, I've been busy with orders and getting ready for the show this past Saturday.  And thankfully I had that show for a diversion from the pain I endured by the loss of my Shadow girl. 

Speaking of orders..... would you believe that the teacher who ordered the other  two Edward Tulane rabbits has written and has an order for me for another teacher in her area and needs it before school starts.  Yup, feast or famine; right?

Here's my rug at the moment and if I weren't on this here contraption I'd be pulling loops on it right now.

I am planning to do the same type directional hooking at the back side of the sheep as I did in front.  It is just a smidgen different than the rest of the soft dark background but done in the directional hooking is what really sets it off.  My plans for this big handsome rug is to go above the fireplace on the wall. Not that I would have an aversion to stepping on it, but that I think it would make more of a statement in my living room over the mantle.

Hey, did you guys get the Betsy samples??  Did you notice the Andrew Sisters?  It never looks the same on their web site so if you don't get their samples in the mail, do yourself a favor and order them.  That piece of wool looks like it would hook up to a wonderful peeling painted barn or birdhouse.  I haven't used it yet so don't know but that was my intent when I purchased some of it.  And, Mr. Ed is going to be the wood for the log cabin rug I plan for September at Cape May.  Or at least that is what I'm thinking of as my project right now; who knows since my mood for projects changes like the weather.  I'm sure you are probably the same way.


  1. Hi Saundra your sheep is beautiful!!! The Betsy sample were gorgeous. So sorry about your loss of your loyal dog. Being super busy might be a blessing right now. Hugs Cheri

  2. Sorry, I got the blog address wrong--the lovely post I wanted to share with you is titled "Best Pal" and was posted June 23--it is at - Forgot it was at blogspot!

    Also, I just love your rug! I have been doing a little hooking for a few years now, but live in an area where there is no group or other hookers I know of nearby! Perhaps, I should start one!


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