Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beloved Primitive Rugs

Now really folks, when you get down to it this is really how our fore mothers and sailor forefathers started hooking rugs.  It was the hand cut, use what you had, make do or do without which made the rugs happen.

My long departed inspiration has been from Magdalena Briner.  So far I've only hooked 4 1/2 rug designs attributed to her.  They are:

Dog and Crows
McCue Eagle
Domestic Zoo
Magdalena's Dog
and.... the half rug of 1885 Horses which I have pictured here.

In all honesty my adoration of Magdalena rugs wouldn't have happened had it not been for the research and devotion of the woman who loves Magdalena more than me... Evelyn Lawrence.  She worked years to research and compile information about her life and rugs from family and historical information.    This is a picture of the book which will provide pictures of original Magdalena hooked rugs as well as rugs that Evelyn hooked to replicate her endeavor.   It is a very good read with historical information as well as the eye candy.   http://www.rughookingtraditions.com/Book_Order_Form.html

AND...... as an added bonus for all you lovers of all things primitive, and particularly Magdalena, there is a group on Rug Hooking Daily which you can join, ask questions, post pictures of similar designs you've hooked.  So please feel free to join the group on Rug Hooking Daily.


  1. What a wonderful rug! I just joined Tere's group , Hugs Cheri

  2. Four and a half ~ lol!
    I will have to check out your link when I find some spare time. Not tonight, though. Must go walk Annie and try to get to bed at a half way decent time. 5:30 comes MUCH too early.
    Hugs :)

  3. I just went over and signed up. I also just purchased that fantastic book. The group looks like fun!

  4. I have this book and it is wonderful...a must for any primitive hooker!

  5. Oh Saundra..............I love your horse rug. That beautiful red horse.............do you know my favorite color is RED????? I cannot wait to start playing......


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