Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting close to Done

Oh boy, oh boy am I getting excited since it is nearly completed.  This has been a fun fun project even tho there have been places which I've pulled out loops and re-hooked, but hey, don't we all do that with every piece we hook?  I know I have.

Once again, thanks to the creative Robin of Bird in Hand Primitives I was able to have fun playing with this design.  And, as she mentioned yesterday on her blog, I learned that collectors of anything elephant require that the trunk be turned upward so the good luck doesn't run out.  So out came some loops and I changed the direction of the trunk.  Happens that she didn't know that either and I didn't feel uninformed at my age (uh, I'm older than her).  Of course it's an old wives's tale, but hey we certainly want to contain the luck for sure.

Oh my, now that I posted a picture of the rug I'm thinking that maybe the yellow in the bottom right swag is over powering so might rethink my color choices.  Nothing more fun than the hunt for beautiful wool than hooking with it .


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