Friday, April 6, 2012

Now Off the frame and what's On the Frame?

This was a really fun small and quick rug to hook.  It is an adaptation of Polly Minick's Daleview Farm.  The original design has 3 chickens and I chose to hook just 2.  In all honesty, these photos are before steaming because I need to see it in a picture so I can decide what needs to be pulled out and replaced in the border.

The hit and miss border might seem like an easy peasy task but it isn't that easy.  I was forever pulling out my value finder to see how close in value the hit and miss was.  Sometimes I could fudge it if the colors were really different even if close in value, but hit and miss isn't as easy as one would think.  BUT.... what is lovely about a hit and miss is that you can use up your worms.  And that is yet another story....

I started out with values or colors in baggies and sorted nicely in my baskets.  So I pull out my darks for the background.... pull out various values from other baggies and this is the mess that I must clean up now before I can start my next project.  An trust me when I say this doesn't do the clutter justice.

And now I can put something else on my frame now.  However, this makes it now 3 rugs which need binding.  Not to mention cleaning up the mess I made on the sofa.

But, Robin knows what I'm putting on my frame next so it is a secret between the two of us until I post a picture.  But just a hint.... it is a cute design which she offers in a booklet for little cost.  So my task tomorrow ~ uh in addition to cutting grass ~ is cleaning up and getting another rug on my frame.    THANK YOU ROBIN!!!!!!!


  1. Now who doesn't love a rug with great chickens! And LOVE the hit and miss border.... doesn't look to me like you need to change a thing..... the light and dark values are perfect!
    Can't wait to see what cute design of Robins you are going to hook next! I love her patterns!
    Cathy G

  2. Whatever could you be talking about, my dear ? ( imagine a Scarlett , southern bell I cannot wait to see what wonders you work with your skills and sweet wools !!!
    I absolutely love your chicken rug ! And....Mess ?? what mess ? I thought all houses are supposed to have wool lying around !!

  3. My couch always looks like that!! At least I took the piles of wool off the dining room table...but only because we invited people over for dinner! Love the chicken rug. I'm working on the spiral chair pad that Karen Kahle posted on her blog. And that means...figuring out the values. Hook, remove, repeat!
    Hugs and Happy Easter!

  4. OK, I'll come up and help you mow if you help me with my current rug.
    I am so GRATEFUL the hooking bug has walloped me in the head again. I am GEARED UP!
    Love love love the PM rug!
    Now what are you up to????????


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