Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seaside Swimsuit and Beloved Belindy

It has been a few days since posting anything new on my blog and frankly I've been too busy with life getting in the way and taking sharp right or left turns in a moment's notice to take much time to read other blogs I enjoy.   But with grass cutting, drawing more patterns for someone and getting an order for a doll, I've taken other paths during my waking hours. 

Yet I have managed to pull a few more loops on my vintage swimsuit (a Polly Minick design) and this is how it is looking right now. 

 It will be SO good to finally get it done as it has been a UFO for a couple years.  Since it had wool which needed to be pulled out it didn't seem like a very friendly project so it stayed tucked away ~ out of sight, out of mind.  But I can't sell it if it isn't finished.

Then I received an order for a Beloved Belindy doll ~ she is a friend to Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Since I didn't have any already  made up had to work on the order but this time I cut out two so will at least have one started for me to take to my Lewes show in July or have it ready for the next order.

Two bodies have been sewn but will finish the one for the order first; at least the other is partially made.  As you can see neither has a face yet either.  However, this is how Beloved Belindy will eventually look.

That is a picture of the last Belindy I made for an order I had from my web site and since that particular skirt fabric was all I had it required me to go buy another yellow small print fabric which has some red in it.

Well time for lunch then work on the Beloved Belindy for a while.


  1. Love that Belindy!
    There's just not enough hours in the day. Too bad we have to sleep :(
    Hugs :)

  2. Belindy is so cute! I love the rug your working on Saundra! I know this time of year I have so much to get caught up on.Hugs Cheri

  3. I love the new rug. You sound super busy! I've been trying to finish that crazy spiral pad...but I have supreme ADD this week. Those dollies are sweet.

  4. Oh Saundra - I just love this rug!!! Have seen the pattern before and always loved it, tho knew I would get bored with hooking it, since there is lot alot of substance to it. I guess I like to play around with color too much - that's why I love the Mag-Style rugs!!!!!
    But this is beautiful.............(you know I live right next to Seaside, FL)

  5. *****check out and you will be able to see some rugs of mine on
    display this past weekend. just a small sample...these were of animal
    themes due to the collection for the local shelter. i gave them seventy five rugs and they chose fifty five. there are many more...but this shows that i can hook and color plan. thanks.

  6. *****sorry...i meant senility is
    setting in more and more.


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