Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back to a UFO

With my Holiday Ornaments piece all hooked and listed on my web site I can now put the UFO Wee Folk back on my frame.  Still have the Lions to finish also but want to get this big one out of the way since it was started in September while the lions was started in November ~ plus the lions is smaller.
Thank goodness I have the Townsend Orbiter for this one as it is heavy on the one end and plan to hook on the bottom right and then move back in toward the center again.  Must say my least favorite parts to hook on this are the wheel and half wheel sections and try tho I might to make them look equal in size and shape they still don't but not going to fret about it.  Can't believe I just wrote that so guess you know I'm wanting this rug done. 

Normally it only takes me about 3 months to hook a rug and I'm going on 4 now.  Partly because of the size but also took detours drawing patterns and hooking Holiday Ornaments.

My boy Ben is whining and notice that I'm 16 minutes late on making his din-din.  Can't keep my boy waiting any longer. 

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