Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Cheer

In the last post I mentioned having wine tasting here tonight. It wasn't the whole group of us who attend because as some of us are leaving some others are just arriving.  We all know one another but there are those of us who have really bonded well and end up getting there about the same time.  Therefore tonight's gathering was a small intimate group of great friendship. 

There was a time when I would be extravagant with my holiday decorations outside as well as inside.  But since it is just me here now and just me to clean up after I'm a little more conservative on what I bring out to have to put back.  I like antiques, so one of my favorite things is having long johns hanging.  Just love them hanging on the doors to show a little olde and a little warmth for the holiday season.

Silly me..... earlier today I'd taken pictures of a gorgeous male Cardinal in a tree just outside my window and had my camera set on 'landscape'.  Uh, I never changed the setting when deciding to take pictures of tonight's group.  Sorry it is so blurry and dark.....from left to right is Karla, Paula, Richard, Jon and in the front is Richard's wife Sue.
Funny thing is that after about 1 1/2 hours of snacking and wine with the group, Jon gets a call.  It is his neighbor asking where he is.  Jon says, "I'm at a Friend's house at wine tasting and I'll be there in a few minutes.  After Jon hung up he said, "OMG, guys, 3 days ago my neighbor invited me for dinner tonight and he was asking where I was". 

We were in hysterics because Jon must have had a complete meal with the meatballs, cheese and crackers, humus and crackers and all the other stuff to eat.  And so now he was going to eat a dinner with a neighbor.  Even after Jon left we were laughing about his misery and guess he won't eat anything for at least two days after tonight. 

Ben loves company and I warned everyone that while he is a SWEET boy (a Rottweiler remember),  he just won't leave people alone.  He wants attention, wants to be touched, and is a sociable dog.   Finally after maybe an hour of trying to gain attention from everyone he finally settled down after they left.  I couldn't get him to leave for a walk while they were  here and now that he is semi-comatose, might not be able to get him to walk any time soon. 

And here is just after a semi-clean up.  The dishes and wine glasses will wait until tomorrow because my boy Ben needs to go for his walk ~~ IF I can get him out of the house.  And after a not so great sleep last night I will go to be early tonight myself.
Please be kind to one another, enjoy your friends and family during this joyful holiday season.  Tonight was a fun time with my friends and so glad to have had them here. 


  1. Sounds like Ben was a real party guy! So glad you had such a grand time! Blessings to you both! Merry Christmas!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends! That is so funny your friend forgot he was invited to dinner..... how does a guy forget a thing like that!? LOL!! Hope you and Ben had a nice walk and that you enjoy the remainder of the Holiday Season!!
    Those red long johns are very festive btw....
    The Happiest wishes for a Wonderful Christmas Saundra!!!
    Cathy G

  3. Love the story about your friend and two dinners ~ I bet he was one stuffed guy!! And the red long johns are a hoot! Merry Christmas to you!!!

  4. sounds like you had a good time. would that by any chance have been Jon Dyer? denise

  5. Saundra ~
    So glad all went well with the wine tasting. Sounds like great fun! Leave it to a guy to forget a dinner invitation!
    The red long johns are just too festive.
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Pug hugs to you and Ben :)


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