Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hooking Project Switch

There has been a run on my flower pins of late and had another order but only had these three left.  One person wanted one white, two red ones, but then decided maybe a black flower to accent her red winter coat with black buttons would be good too.  Plus another person wanted some earth color flowers for her shop.
So out came my small frame (actually it is a gripper size punch needle frame) and hooked these up. 
Of course they are not done because they need leaves, wool backing and pin backs sewn on ~ but at least they are on their way to completion.

Since I wanted to give options for that red wool coat with black buttons decided that a black and white check with red center might be nice too.  And then maybe one with a red center.  Was having so much fun with the black and white that decided to experiment.  No, these aren't colors of real flowers, except I must say there is a black orchid ya know.

Although they aren't needed until the 20th wanted to have them done before that in case I get more last minute stocking stuffer orders. So, needless to say my Wee Folk rug has been lacking attention.  But in these times if I can pick up a couple dollars here and there I'll stop having fun with my personal projects and work.

OH!!!!!   Hey you hooker pals, check this out.  This must be one wonderful and creative guild.  Click on the link provided here:  Maria Romero is the web master who was so creative in the animated links. 

I'm now making a pot of vegetarian chili; no, I'm not vegetarian but have been cheating since my last blood test was so good and my cholesterol increased a smidgen so am going to be a good girl again ~ for a while anyway, since I do not want to go on cholesterol meds.  Thank goodness I was gifted with a VERY high HDL (healthy cholesterol), mine is 100 and you can't buy that good stuff.  However, do want my total and hdl lower, so next year this time it will get a good report again.

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by on your busy Sunday evening.  Please be kind to one another.



  1. Saundra, those flowers are just so pretty, I love all the different colors! Glad to hear you received the gift of orders. You are right, times can be difficult, so work while you may! Have a great week!

  2. That's a lot of flowers! Sweet.
    A hooker's gots to do what a hooker gots to do :)

  3. Love those flowers! I am so happy that you got the orders.Hugs,Jen


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