Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Like.....

.... Christmas?  Well it's getting closer anyway.  This is a dyed goose feather tree I made over 6 years ago and had the goose feathers with instructions a couple years prior to that.    There were instructions to make a short feathered tree with limbs going in each and every direction or the design I chose. 
Sometimes I wish I'd chosen the shorter and multi directional limb design offered but this is what I chose then.  Were I younger I'd search for the person's name from whom I purchased this to make the other design to have as an alternate for my decoration on the sofa table. 

There are some dollar store purchased ornaments on the tree BUT, there are some very special ornaments.  The cloth painted star at the top was made by me.  The heart below that with the Inscriptions "Jesus is the Heart of Christmas" was a gift.  And those two larger embroidered ornaments below were made by a hooker friend Yahna who gifted them to me. 

Now.... that circular base the tree is plugged into was the base of a column from my grandfather's front porch.  Before the house was torn down I just had to capture whatever I could salvage to remember pop pop.  This has not been painted over and is a chipped white paint and it will remain like that. 

Okay, so on the left at the base of the tree is a small Rubber Ducky.  That was something that our Woolley Fox attendees decided to do as a gift to each other one year when we went to a class with Barb and celebrate Barb.  Oh, we also all had yellow rubber ducky dyed socks thanks to our gal pal Char.

And, on the right is a rubbery sheep which was given to me the very first rug camp I ever attended after teaching myself how to hook.  That rug camp was in Ocean City, MD.

Thanks for visiting and I know this is a very busy time of year so drive carefully.  AND, be kind to one another.



  1. It is wonderful! so many great memories! I hope you & Ben have a terrific weekend!

  2. Saundra what a wonderful tree!It is full of so many precious memories.I love it.Hugs,Jen

  3. What a wonderful sweet tree that is. Full of memories. Really beautiful!


  4. You made a very special tree that has meaning. Very Christmassy!

  5. What a wonderful tree so full of memories. Thanks for sharing!
    I got a kit to make a feather tree probably 15 years ago. I never made it and have no idea where it might!
    Hugs :)

  6. Saundra your tree is wonderful!! Such memories their priceless, Hugs Cheri


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