Tuesday, December 25, 2012

HO HO HO December 25th

It has been a very pleasant and relaxed Christmas Day here with me hooking on the Lions In the Woods before going to my son's house to share the holiday with them.  This is where the rug is at this moment. 
You may recall this is a design I adapted from two antique rugs similar but chose elements from both to make it more to my liking.  Must say that I do wish I'd made the rug a little larger because I am using #8 cut on most of it but #8.5 on the background. 

NOW, I need a little help from my friends and would love your input.  Take a look at the top and bottom right corners and tell me which looks best. 

I hooked the bottom corner first and thought the blue might add some color to the mostly dark solid bottom but when I got to the top and started hooking the blue there it seemed to look odd with so much blue with the triangle and the box.  AND, for the top border triangle near the top corner will be a blue.  So I pulled it out and hooked it with the primitive dark.  As I'm looking at it am thinking that it should be the dark for the border but am looking for input from my readers.

Plus I plan to make a change in the male lion's mane and remove the under hooked part of the mane and make it more straight rather than rounded at the bottom. 

Oh, and you probably noticed that I'm using the wide binding, a product I posted about on a previous post.  It really looked fantastic on a Polly Minick rug and I inquired where she purchased it and bought a roll for myself.  The binding comes in different colors and it really makes the rug stable and straight.  Not to say that I'd use this for all my rugs but on this one the hooked border will be dark so it will work great.

Naturally today was time spent with my son, daughter-in-love Cathy and my grandson Zach.  So I snapped a picture of my son and grandson playing with toys and just wonder who likes toys more.... father or son???
Here is Zach assembling a Lego village.  It will be interesting to see what he brings here to entertain himself with from all his new Christmas gifts.  Grandma has things here for him to play with but after all..... he has all these new toys which he will want to have here tomorrow.

My grandson will be spending the next couple days with grandma while school is out and parents work to make money for next year's Christmas and to pay bills for the upcoming year.
Hope you all had a peaceful and loving holiday however you celebrate. 
Happy Birthday Jesus.


  1. I lie the darker corner I think it anchors the rug better. Merry Christmas. I love your wee folk. I have had the pattern along with top heavy for quite a few years. N need to get hooking on them.

  2. Sweet pic of your grandson playing.I like the dark corner as well.Hugs,Jen


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