Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I had an order from someone for some flower pins and sent her a picture of the only 3 I had left but told her if those weren't suitable that I'd make more and what colors was she looking for.  These were the only ones I had left at the time.
Susan said she needed two for herself but another friend had seen hers that she'd previously purchased from me and wanted to buy some for her as well as for gifts.  Susan's friend wanted the white one (shown above) but that she wanted something to put on her red winter coat which has black buttons and suggested I make a black flower.   Hmmm, well, there are black Orchids so why not a black flower pin.  Plus, it could also be a Mourning Flower to wear for that unfortunate time of life.

Then I proceeded to hook a primitive black flower with a red center, then another black flower with a black and white texture center.  Oh, hey..... maybe she would like a black and white plaid or black and white herringbone flower with a red center!!!!  Therein became my challenge to make different flowers for her to have a choice.  This is the picture I took to send Susan and she chose row 1 #1 and Row 3 #1.

In addition to the narrow cut white flower above, Susan's friend also chose the flower on row 1 #4.
Prior to Susan's order I'd had a request for earth/fall color flower pins so decided to hook a few of those too as well as other colors to fill the linen.  So in this next picture, Susan's friend also wanted the flowers on row 2 #2 and row 3 #2.
Those were pictures before being put on cards and this is now what I have left which I recently posted on my web site. 
This was a fun break, glad they're done and now I can get back to working on Wee Folk and will update a picture tomorrow.

Have a great evening, hope your holiday shopping goes without a glitch and please be kind to one another.



  1. Those are wonderful!I can see where one would lead to another and so on.Hugs,Jen

  2. WOW! Almost sounds like you were obsessed! So happy they bought so many.
    Hugs :)

  3. Very productive! And what a beautiful garden youre growing!

  4. they all look wonderful, I love all the colors!

  5. These flowers are lovely !
    Beautiful textures and colors. ;)


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