Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Dog Hollow Revisited

Had it not been for computer woes these last several days I probably would be done with Big Dog Hollow by now   ~ well maybe, maybe not.  This is what the rug looks like now.
And since just getting back to pulling loops think I'm in a quandary about the sheep colors.  So now I've got to decide what wool to use for them.  Obviously I can't use a tan or beige because that would blend in too much with the background.  So had decided on a grey and white hound's-tooth for the body and a darker grey for the legs and face (shown below).  Yes, I could outline them as I did with the cow and will probably need to do that no matter what color is chosen.
So think I'll attempt to use what I've got here and if that doesn't work will go back to the wool room.  Both the rabbit and sheep appear as tho they will be TOO light/bright white and will require some tea or walnut dye to tone it down.  But it is getting close.

If you're reading this Robin (Bird in Hand), I had to take my sick computer that holds my web site (not this one) to the Geek squad and a terminal prognosis was given to the XP and subsequently my web site.  But tomorrow I'll send the Two Roosters Facing giveaway pattern.



  1. Saundra...I am sorry for your computer woes !!!Please don't worry about sending out the pattern...The least of your worries !!! I think the greys for the sheep are much better...but, I just think everything you've done is great, until you change it , then it's even better !!! :)

  2. So close!!!
    Ugh to the computer problems!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hate computers sometimes!They make life more interesting and easier when they work properly but when they misbehave it is awful.Oh it is getting close to being finished.Hugs,Jen


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