Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Chit Chat

First is an update on Big Dog.  Since consolidating my worms and separating by color I've used more of them in the rug but still need to cut some wool for consistency in the sky.  Plus value plays a role in what goes next to the stars so sometimes am inhibited with what color I'd really like to put in places. 
I received the new yoke from Sue of Snapdragon and am liking it.  What's even better is there is only one screw to contend with when assembling at class or upon returning home.
In a previous post I mentioned being lucky to receive a back-up serger from a friend.  This coming Sunday I'll be teaching that Friend (Lenny) to hook.  She's always been a textile person with quilting, weaving, doll making, applique, soap making, but not rug hooking.... til now.  So I will take her thru the whole process of drawing out the pattern, having her try different hooks, different frames; and lucky her will have all my pre-cut wool strips to choose from. 

Once she goes home she might want to come back with situations she wants answers to, just like we all did when we went out on our maiden voyage without a captain at the helm.  I'll be sure to take pictures.

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  1. Love the rug! How fun that you will be teaching a friend to hook.I am sure that she will soon add it to her list of accomplishments.Hugs,Jen

  2. great dog!
    liking the way it is headed for sure, would love to see pictures of you teaching her, and so happy you got what you needed with the saddle. Until reading here, I did not know what that meant!

  3. Big Dog is looking more and more beautiful as it nears completion !! I would love to see pics of your tutelage .....I wish I was close enough to come and get some hints and tips and tricks..
    we may meet up some day ....


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