Sunday, March 3, 2013

Woolie Worms and Sergers

Would you believe that my woolie worms have been reduced to this?
Honestly, there must have been 50 empty baggies after I integrated all my worms to color.  Now mind you, that didn't include the clumps of worms not in bags.  All of the very narrow cuts are in the bag at the bottom.  But I have bags with blue, red, orange, ...uh, all the colors.  What I might do later is divide into value by color but hey, this WHOA-man has had enough of wool strips.

So now to the issue of serger problems.  I own a wonderful Bernette serger that has served me well for years and I've kept it cleaned and oiled and taken good care of it.  However, it is over 15 years old.  It began showing signs of 'health' problems when I was serging up the last 19 linens for someone.  So I cleaned it, oiled it, kissed it and wished it more miles.  This is my Bernette.
For some reason I cannot insert the left needle into the slot far enough.  I've tried using a small instrument to try and clean out the hole but the needle keeps falling down into the hole on the dog feed even tho the screw shows it is tight.  Obviously it needs to go to the shop. 

BUT...... late Saturday I had an e-mail from a client who needed a pattern drawn and shipped tomorrow (Monday).  I cut the linen and tried to serge it with my beloved Bernette.  After two breakdowns again decided to call a friend.  Lo and behold she said she had two sergers which were given to her and they were going to take them to an auction.  So I could have either. 

Today I brought them home and tried the Bernette first since that is what I own and figured threading and usage would be the same.  Even tho it is obviously an older serger, after cleaning and adjusting stitch was able to get that pattern serged.  Here is the war horse.
Then decided to pull out the New Home serger, test drive it to see which one I wanted to keep as my own.  OH my goodness.  This one looks like a beauty and is newer than the Bernette above.
So I cleaned and oiled it before starting.  Made sure it was threaded right (both had been confirmed as working last time) and turned it on.  I heard the motor run but the needles weren't working.  So I took my foot off the presser foot and tried to turn the hand wheel.  Nope. Frozen.

Now I guess I'll do an on-line search for New Home 134D issues to see what to do because there was nothing in the manual about this problem.  So if any of you have had a similar issue, please let me know how to resolve this.

Thanks for visiting and hope you had a grand weekend.



  1. Congrats on the worm sort and good luck with the sergers. I am so challenged when it comes to stuff like that. I hate reading manuals and trying to figure things out.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Saundra...
    You must be so glad to get your wool strips under control!
    Hope you resolve your serger problems. My husband has several commercial sewing machines and he mentioned that when his wheel won't turn he first checks the "dog feed" under the plate or possibly a belt that is giving trouble. Not sure how your machine is set up, if either of those items apply.

  3. great worm organization.

    hope you get the serger problem resolved, I have not used my pfatt in several years, so I am no help, but it sounds like a belt to me too, just because it won't turn. hope you get it resolved.


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