Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspirations for a Hooked Rug

Noone in my family hooked rugs so frankly wasn't exposed to them until Country Living magazine.  I would savour the pictures of an antique rug at the hearth of a fireplace, above the  mantel, hanging on the wall or otherwise placed in the humble warm home.  It was then I knew that I'd learn to hook because no way could I afford an antique rug.

So most of my inspirations come from the antique rugs themselves, antique quilts or folk art.  Once Big Dog Hollow is done there is an antique rug adaptation waiting for my frame.  That will be unveiled later because I've been known to completely go a different direction before the wanna-be hit my frame.

There are plenty of pictures I've taken from American Folk Art books and various sources so will share a few of the ones I like and wish to turn into a rug.  But first, here is a picture which I feel confident was the inspiration for Karen Kahle's Monticello design. 
Here is the lion which I am also confident inspired Karen for her lion rug; again it was in a folk art book.
One day I'd like to hook this design but each time I think about drawing it out notice the space of sky (background) above the bear and human. 
And oh my but there are wonderful quilted squares in the Reconciliation Quilt that are waiting for me to hook.  I have a magazine with the quilt in it but no pictures to share.  One is of a slave who is larger than his master on horseback and the wording is: "Master I am Free"; another I'd like to hook is a black woman carrying water buckets.  I used to make a lot of dolls and the ones I was most endeared to were my black dollies.  So now my urge is to hook a black folk art rug since I make few dolls now and have sold most all of them. 

This is another picture in a folk art book and think it is quite whimsical with the bear in a tree standing on the limbs.  I would like this as a rug too.
Quilts are a great source of inspiration as there are numerous motifs to choose from whether it be floral, human or animal
I honed in on the elephant trainer.
This was an interesting piece of folk art.  The quilt speaks volumes ~It says family, friendship, loyalty, community and everything warm you seek in life.
There was another picture that I  couldn't locate but know it is here somewhere in one of my files.  But there are so many photos I've saved for inspiration so have no fear, there will be an opportunity for me to share more later.

On Big Dog Hollow I've rounded the right corner bprder so will share a picture tomorrow.  There's a few more motifs and background to hook and more border but it is really getting close.

Have a great evening and be kind to one another.



  1. We all love to dream of the next rug ! I like how you mentioned you won't be disclosing your next project until it is on the frame because you have been known to change directions. ;)
    I understand that !

  2. Hi Saundra, That's what I do I look at all sorts of books to get ideas. No wonder I can't sleep at night. Lol.Cheri

  3. Saundra ~ What a great post. So much inspiration. I just love that lion. It is very similar to the one Robyn at Mugwump Woollies is hooking.
    Looking forward to your next project.
    Hugs :)


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