Saturday, March 16, 2013

Antique Adaptation and Giveaway

I'll bet the only word your eyes and mind remember is the word 'giveaway', lol.  What is it about giveaways that grabs us and won't let go?  Because people (me included) like things for free.

This is an antique adaptation originally hooked in 1890 which I call "Two Roosters Facing".  I hooked and sold this rug a few years ago when my last name started with an "S" (just can't seem to spell or say the name).

The first drawing seemed a little smaller than I wanted so drew it out again a bit larger and hooked this one.  Which means I still have the first one drawn.
The first one measures 16" x 29" and is drawn on hairless linen.  Now before you all get giddy and excited let me tell you that there is something else drawn on the other side.  Not wanting a piece of linen to go to waste I drew something else which I'd intended to hook.
My intentions were to hook that old vehicle which was mine to drive when I was a teen.  Mind you that was 1958 and all my friends had fan tailed Chevys or Fords and I had this ancient black car.   So to spiff it up I put bright school bus yellow polka dots all over it.  My dad worked for the DuPont company and those dots were used to put on the floor for safety areas.  Daddy had some and thought I'd make my vehicle stand out.

Well, stand out it did.  I could not drive that car anywhere without mother and daddy hearing from people that, "I saw your daughter in Milton yesterday", or where ever it was that the car was seen.

I'd still like to hook that 'old thang' but other designs have over powered it.  So the Two Roosters facing or the vehicle is yours to hook.

I will make the drawing on Monday morning.  Here are the few rules:

~ state you want to win the give away in the comments section
~ be a follower
~ no anonymous or 'no-reply' identification
~ shipping to US only

Good luck to all of you and enjoy your weekend.



  1. OH! OH!! OH!!! Please sign me up. I love that rooster pattern and it is one I've wanted to hook for quite some time. It was one I almost started at my Heavens to Betsy retreat last year but changed my mind.
    Funny about the car.
    Hugs :)

  2. I would love to hook those chickens! I am almost done with the rug I am working on and need something fab to keep me excited.

  3. i love the rug! my daddy worked at dupont,too! did you graduate from Seaford High School? denise

  4. I'd love to win your giveaway - those roosters look like they would be fun to hook!

  5. Oh, Saundra, I love that rug and have always wanted to hook it since I first saw yours!! Please enter me and I hope I win!

  6. I would LOVE to win this !! I love me some Roosters.. The one you hooked is fabulous !!

  7. Yes I would like to win your drawing.. I am a follower. and happy St. Patty's Day to you.

    Thanks for a chance.

  8. Hi Saundra,love the rooster rug.I have been so busy that I have not had much time for blogging lately and have missed reading your posts.So fun to hear the story of the car,thanks for sharing it.
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway.Hugs,Jen

  9. loved the polka dot story!!!
    yes, i want to learn to hook and have facing roosters too! grin!

  10. I WANT to win this primitive rooster pattern. I am one of your followers too! And that Flowering of American Folk Art is a book I have checked out of the library many times, and then i found one in a thrift store (looking for wool, of course), and knew it had to go home with me. And it did, so now I have my own personal copy to drool over. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  11. I would LOVE to win the facing Roosters! Your car story is funny. My first car was s Chevy with no fins. Her name was Linda. My Dad's plan was to slow me down by getting a Manuel shift for me since I didN't know how to drive one. But, of course, that just made me a quick learner.


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