Saturday, February 4, 2017

And the Winner Is (was)......

Me!!!!!!!  No one was more surprised that I'd won the wonderful hooked heart by Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) than me.  It arrived in yesterday's mail and could smell the lavender even before the package was opened. Didn't post a picture of it yesterday since the gift gave me the impetus to vacuum up the wool dust and make the room presentable for this gift.
Lauren hooked it with 1" wide wool strips and the curl of the loops are wonderfully mesmerizing.  She did the Betsy Reed patchwork back and, of course, her stitches are even and meticulous.  
The heart is stuffed with lavender and wool snippets (per her previous blog post) and love the scent upon entering my kitchen.
Sorry the photo above is so washed out from the camera flash ~ the star of the show (the HEART) is front and center in the picture.  The heart shaped candy dish holds dark chocolate and the purple just doesn't go but had no pink or red Hershey Kisses to put in it.  That will change tomorrow.

Oh, just so you know, Lauren does a delightful job of packaging her presents.  
Look at the back of the package with the heart sealing the tissue paper down...Uh, a heart!  And there was a strip of wool ribbon with a tag and special note written to me as the winner which I didn't photo but the memory is etched in my head. Thank you Lauren and am so happy that I was the winner too.  You do awesome work.  Hope you are having fun at Sauder and looking forward to the report back.



  1. Aww sweet. Lauren always goes out of her way to make a gift extra special.

  2. Happy Valentines Day... congrat's on being the winner.

  3. Being a heart winner from Lauren, I know how you feel Saundra. Lauren is EXTRA SPECIAL. She goes all out for her friends. I can still smell the lavender in mine. Can you believe she's been sending me Thinking of You cards after cards since I lost my daughter Nicole in October and I had to tell her that I was OK. God bless her in the most special ways.

    I kept some leftover wool strips she sent me for a little prim cat rug hooking kit I won in a give away a while back and I used it in my Little Town Challenge rug. It felt very special. I love that girl.

    Enjoy your great gift Saundra.

  4. Oh you are lucky I have a one of her pumpkins done the same way.
    Lauren is so special

  5. Congrats on winning the heart, she really did a beautiful job on the finish and i like the wool backing.


  6. Lovely heart,,,, lucky girl,,,, so pretty,,,,, special gift,,,, from the heart!! Congrats, saundra,,,,,

  7. I love it!! And it looks so pretty with that little mat.

  8. Hi Saundra,
    How wonderful for you to win that beautiful red heart from Lauren!! It looks lovely with your amazing rug and I know you will treasure it!! I love how she finished the back, too!!!
    Such a special gift from a dear friend!!
    Hope you enjoy your day!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  9. What a beautiful heart !!! A very special gift !!!

  10. Your words are too kind. So happy you like it!
    Hugs :)


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