Monday, February 20, 2017

Magdalena Goat

Sure haven't accomplished much in the way of hooking and am reminding myself that it is NOT a race to see how fast this can be hooked.  Plus, since I have a blog feel the need to do posts daily and shouldn't feel the need to do that.  So, as much as I'd like to do daily posts just might chill like other bloggers do and post every other day or perhaps once a week.

Yard work is upon me once again (I'm the gardner, mini-maintenance person (including doing vehicle oil checks on a 2003 van), house cleaner, cook, dog sitter, and now in the midst of having roof replacement on a shed and soon on the house.  

Oh, and have a few patterns to draw but my table is full of wool and cutter which needs to be cleared off and put away first.  Saundra....deep breath...let out...sigh........  So here is all I've accomplished.
There is a question of whether the antique rug below is was a deer, goat, or... as the auction site called it a lamb.  AHhhhh, think this might be my tomorrow's blog post.  
I've been asked if I would sell patterns of this new Magdalena GOAT rug.  And the answer is YES.  However, not until after mine is hooked so people can see how mine is hooked.



  1. I totally can understand that you would feel a need to slack down in posting on your blog. I think the novelty is wearing off a bit for a lot of our good blogger friends as they also have slowed down. Everyone are so busy, including me.

    You know I'll be on the look out for your blog post. You can take a peek at my little great granddaughter Willow, on my blog post.

    I finished hooking my Little Town rug but I'm waiting for the others to finish their before I post it on my blog. I need to take a photo of it.


  2. I find it hard to post twice a week. Daily is a feat! I think it really looks like a goat. I still can't believe the auction

  3. Life CAN get in the way.
    I just LOVE the color of your goat!
    Hugs :)

  4. this handsome goat! I blog when I can...and when I can think of something to say. I would like to hook a Magdalena rug and this one might be it.

  5. I love this rug and you are busy posting everyday is a lot of pressure.

  6. Saundra,,,, enjoy ur blogs,,,, read them and enjoy,,, too much to do , so little time,,,
    You do really well!!!
    Love the beginnings of the goat mat!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    I can totally see a baby goat when I look at this and think it would be such a fun rug to hook!! I want to hook a Magdalena sometime and know I would enjoy this one!! Am excited to see yours! Yes, life gets TOO BUSY and I wish I could post more, but try not to make myself anxious over it! I post when I can and hope that when I post, the readers will be there!!
    Enjoy your week and hope you can get lots of hooking time!
    Heart Hugs~

  8. Is the Magdalena goat rug pattern available to purchase yet? I would like to buy one


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