Saturday, February 11, 2017

Whipping With Wool Yarn Part 2

I'd forgotten just how labor intensive (time wise) this process is. Maybe that is why most of the time I choose binding tape. Wanted to start my new hooking project this weekend but am pretty darn sure it won't happen tomorrow either.
But at least I'm on my way to finishing this one so moving on to the next is in the near future.   
Only the left side and around two corners have been whipped.  I'm to blame for stopping and starting, getting on the computer to check emails, fast forwarding during commercials to watch recorded shows. But hey...I'll be here again tomorrow (I hope) so no need to rush. Afterall, every day is a weekend for me since retiring several years ago.

So now will share with you the formula as to how much yarn is needed to bind a rug. Must admit that I had to call on my gal pal Kris Miller to remind me so am posting it on my blog.  That way not only you will know but when I forget can do a 'search' on my very own blog, lol.
The hank of wool below is what I'm using to bind the rug.  It was purchased from Ali Strebel at Cape May rug camp but she also offers yarn on her web site.  

The FORMULA... It takes 12" (one foot) of yarn to whip 1".  Yes, sad but true.

This rug measures 22 x 47 which equates to 138" times 12" of yarn to whip around......OR 1,656" of yarn required.    Yup, but think you'd want a tad more to cover those corners and to tuck the ends of the yarn under.  So would want a tad more than that.
The hank of yarn above measures 28" (almost 29) and it is on a round so times 2.  There are 39 strands of yarn.  So the calculations are:

28 x 2 = 56" TIMES 39 strands = 2,184" of yarn required for whipping this rug.  So there IS plenty of yarn.

THIS WOOL YARN is thick so am using a single strand to whip with. So am wondering if using a thinner piece of wool yarn and doubled would require twice the amount.   I'm not sure because I've only whipped with either thick (bulky) wool or with cut wool strips.  The remainder of the time I've done the wide wool covered cording or cotton binding.  

Have a great Saturday evening folks.  You may not hear from me tomorrow unless this marathon binding is completed.



  1. Whipee, you're getting her done. You whip the rug and the trainer is whipping the horse. Just playing with words... I use Briggs and Little wool yarn to whip double strand.
    I need a little clarification. You write that it takes 12 inches of yarn to hook an inch. Did you mean it takes 12 inches to whip and inch?

    Stay safe and warm

  2. An error in wording on my part but think folks knew what I meant IF they noticed the error. Sometimes when proofreading ones own words we know what we mean and miss the error. I've corrected the word and hope the world is in peace.

  3. Saundra this rug is wonderful...have enjoyed following your progress...I whip all my rugs but enjoy the process...I keep lots of yarn on hand and mix colors as needed to finish a the colors of Ali's yarn but it is too thick for me to bind with...

  4. I have always enjoyed finishing rugs with the yarn and it goes quickly, I am weird that way, lol.


  5. Thx for sharing the formula. Always a relief to know that you have enough yarn!!

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Just LOVE this amazing rug and have enjoyed your binding process and explanation!! I HATE MATH, but the formula is a good one to know and will make it easier when I ever bind a rug with yarn!!! Thanks so much for sharing your special helps and tips!!! I ALWAYS learn something helpful!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. Now if I can just remember the formula...sigh.
    Happy Valentine's Day :)


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