Monday, February 13, 2017

Oh So Close!

Okay, I'm guilty of taking breaks from whipping the edge of my rug with wool yarn so every once in a while needed to pull loops on my grandson's rug.  This one is a piece of cake compared to my son's Cave Man Rug and my grandson's Favorite Sports Rug last Christmas.
So, when the last of the wool whipping is done on the Horse Trainer my grandson's rug will rest for a few months so that I can begin my next project.
Above is the Horse Trainer and all that is left of whipping is 36" at the bottom. It WILL require one more steaming.  I have concerns with the corners. It looks wonderful from the top and coverage is good.  But it seems the corners curl and are longer (stretched out).  Am hoping the steaming fixes the look.  Any advice from your experts????? 

Have a great evening and plans are that whipping will be accomplished tomorrow.  BUT.... I have a pattern order which needs to be drawn, the wool room needs to be cleaned up before before wool can be cut for the new project.    Trust me there is no one more excited about starting the next antique rug adaptation than me.  So we will ALL have to wait.

Have a great evening and am so sorry for the horrendous snowfall for our neighbor's in Canada.  Hope you still have electricity and enjoying your Storm Meals.



  1. It's still snowing........16 hours straight and counting.........

  2. Usually I get some curling with whipping, I do the corners with extra stitching till it can't hold it, want it loose enough but not too loose, that usually keeps mine flat. Steam is our best friend;)


  3. You are making amazing progress on your whipping and your grandson's rug. I wish I was half that productive.
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  4. Looking good... You're a tweaking hookaolic.
    I've survived the Blizzard and it has not been a picnic. I got a bit of hooking done on my challenge rug and my eye balls are falling out. Time for bed,

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Saundra,,, your mat coming along , in between ur hooking, etc,,,
    I am whipping a paisley mat I just finished, and am slow!! Like u leave it and start some hooking,, in fact have 3 more hookings on the go,,,,
    So must get this whipped soon,,,,
    Happy valentines,,,
    Looking forward to seeing ur new mat!!
    Take care,,,,

  6. I am by no means an expert on anything, but you might be able to follow the same rule as with needlepoint. My mother and especially my grandmother did quite a bit of needlepoint and I remember learning from them. Wet it enough to stretch it and then block it. I have hooked a few small mats but never had to deal with as much stretching. Might be worth a try...good luck! It is a very nice rug!


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