Thursday, February 9, 2017

Whipping With Wool Yarn

As a hooker who hates binding rugs but loves the hooking process I've chosen to finish binding Horse Trainer as quick as possible ~ bite the bullet so to speak.  Reason because there is yet another rug calling my addition to my grandson's rug.  Oh yeah.... a surprise and an antique adaptation.
First thing is to prepare your edges so the rug doesn't unravel when moved or shaken over a period of time.  You are seeing two rows of stitching as I'd thought of using binding tape instead of whipping. Binding tape is usually 1 1/4" wide so stitched out just 1" to ensure no foundation peeking out from under the tape.

Then after deciding a wool whipped edge it required a little more foundation to roll forward.  Therefore after the heavy rug was hooked did additional stitching another 1/2" outward.
Above is cheap black cotton crochet thread purchased almost anywhere. This is what I'm using to prepare the edge for whipping with wool. 
Above you can see that I've started rolling forward and using that cotton thread to PRE 'whip' the foundation in place.  YES, it IS double work but I personally find it better for me to have a smooth and prepared area to whip with wool.  Rather than holding the curl and whipping with wool and the curl gets unfurled to make lumps.
Am almost around the corner for the prep and tomorrow will start the wool whipping.  That will be part two of this and I'll give you the formula for how much wool it takes to hook a rug.
See those wonderful little red clips holding the curl of the foundation? They are Clover Wonder Clips and wonderful for holding the edge and you don't get stuck with straight pins.  BUT, they aren't cheap and I used a 40% off coupon to purchase mine.

Have a great evening and hope my Canadian friends can open their front door tomorrow.  KIM, hope you enjoyed the pizza and beer as you will need that energizer bunny to get your car cleaned in the morning.



  1. Haha, yes the pizza and beer was yummy. Now I'm having chips and dip for dessert 😜 I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I really want that text message from work that says we are closed. Fingers crossed.
    PS. I love a whipped edge on rugs but it's a lot of work. I only do it occasionally

  2. I'm with Kim. Love the whipped edge but much more time consuming than binding tape or wool.
    Hugs :)

  3. I usually whip my edge right through my binding like Gene Shepherd showed on his blog. It saves me one step. I'm lazy when it comes to binding too.

    The storm is raging here tonight and I hope Kim can open her door too.

  4. Those clips are wonderful ! I purchased some last year after seeing them on a blog. I actually do not mind the binding process, but I hate the zig zagging and cutting off to prepare the rug.

  5. i like the fact that you're doing 'double work' for the binding ~ and how neat the edge looks because of it. can't wait to see what's next on your frame :)

  6. Wow , that is a great idea .....I have used old clothes pins to hold the curl , but I knock them odd as I turn the have great tips ! Thank you !

  7. You really put a lot into your edges, just as thoughtful as the hooking.


  8. Hi Saundra,
    I always appreciate all that you share with us!! Another GOOD TO KNOW, tip!!! Looking forward to seeing that beauty all finished and what you are working on next!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~


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