Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Questionnaire for Rug Hookers

My friend Shari gave me a very good idea for this evening's blog post. We are interested to learn from both brand new rug hookers as well as seasoned hookers how they came to enjoy this rewarding craft/art.

Inquiring Minds want to know.

Here are some questions she and I have come up with:

1. Who or what inspired you to want to hook?  

2. At what age and how did you learn to hook (self-taught, family member, classes)?

3. What do you look for when choosing a pattern (subject, designer,  size, spot in house)?

4. What are your favorite colors which usually find their way into your rugs.  

5. Who was the best influence when starting to hook?

6. What was the biggest hurdle to overcome when starting the hooking process?  And the one which when the 'lightbulb' went off made hooking smooth sailing?

7. Where is your favorite spot to hook and do you multi-task listening to radio, books, watch TV or just quiet moments?

OH!!!!!!   To make this a complete interview of you and your rug hooking journey it would be great to have photos.  So if you'd like to provide a picture of your first project and/or your last completed project please include a photo and let me know who the designer is.

You have probably heard my answers to all these questions during the process of my blog days but plan to share my information and am sure Shari will as well.

So I'm looking for volunteers of both newbie and seasoned hookers to share your input.  I'd prefer you send a personal email to me HERE.  IF you are unsuccessful in sending me an email using that link it is because GOOGLE is NOT playing NICE with other email servers  AND if e given a choice ... choose OUTLOOK.

SO, make your comment on my blog and I'll try to figure it out. Meanwhile, you don't need to type out the question, just the number assigned to the question.  You can copy and paste the questions into the email link provided above and then send.  

Let me know if you are a newbie or have a few years of hooking under your belt and if you don't want your first name mentioned on my blog please let  me know what too and will  make your 'interview' anonymous.   

Also, if you have any questions this will help me provide more information to hookers who are looking for a connection IF they don't have one.

Happy hooking.


p.s.  If the link on the word HERE isn't working for you then go to my proile page and choose to email me.


  1. Great idea Saundra! I'm sending you an email with my answers.

    1. In case your message doesn't go thru it is because Google is having a 'hissy fit' as my link is a comcast email. If the link doesn't work then send the message as a comment on this blog and I'll work with it.

  2. don't know if it's me but your here link is not working for me.

    1. Perhaps Google is having a 'hissy fit' since my link is a comcast email. So, gals, if the link doesn't work for you send the message as a comment on this blog and I'll work with it.

  3. I'll try to work on this tomorrow...

  4. Great idea! Working on this for you!

  5. Can't get email to work-link not working. If you FB me your email address in a message, I'll answer you questionaire.


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