Saturday, April 8, 2017

After Stepping Away.....

It was a nice step back from the Magdalena Goat and am looking forward to pulling loops on it again.  During that break I worked on my grandson's next sports wall hanging. He doesn't know about this one yet as I'm saving it until Christmas.  Must say that starting it early was great to have an 'interim' piece when you need a break.
As you might surmise, the background wool will be blue and have already sewn on the wide heavy cotton binding.  There will be a sleeve sewn at the top to accommodate a yard stick for hanging. The stick might need cutting at the ends to fit inside but does a great job. That is what was used for my grandson's other Sports Rug last year.

On a side note, my son Greg stopped by yesterday and showed him progress of this piece.  He said he'd purchased tickets for a game between Barcelona and (??? can't remember) coming to the DC/Baltimore area in July.  OMG, Zach was off the charts ballistic when told of this.  

Greg said the tickets for the 3 of them (dad, mom and Zach) was over $500 but said it was worth it for Zach.  I reminded him that IF they had to go to Spain to see them play the cost would have been MUCH higher.

Have a great evening.



  1. He is going to love that and even more so after seeing the game.


  2. What a great memory he will have every time he looks at that great rug!

  3. Zach will love the rug, and to go to a game. WOW!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Such fantastic gifts for your grandson!! A game to enjoy and a rug that will remind him of the game each time he sees it!!! Win/Win!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your hooking today!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. It will be wonderful,sounds like as great gift! and no big rush to get it done đŸ˜€


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