Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This and That

Did a variety of things today and was busy.  First and foremost was taming the rat's nest of tangled wool worms and putting them back in containers.  Even tho I use a lot of old worms seems I replaced them with other wool strips as the bulk hasn't seemed to dwindle much.

Steamed the Goat rug and it is resting for now.  Eventually and slowly will do the pre-wool whipped roll forward but will save the actual whipping for the ride to Barb Carroll's in May.  That will give me something to do while my partner drives and make the mountain ride less stressful for me.
Had an order for Magdalena's Goat so started drawing that but still have more to go as I had an exhisting pattern order for someone which needed to be drawn and shipped.
There is a new project in line to hook but don't have the wool cut for that so pulled out my grandson's rug to work on until then.  You can see my boy Ben guarding the front of the house and his mum.
Back to the Goat pattern..... I hooked the original size of Magdalena's rug which was 29 x 35 and drawn on linen that size would be $75 plus shipping.  

Then thought some may prefer to hook a smaller size like 22 x 27.   For those of you who are interested in buying this pattern let me know if you would prefer smaller or original size.

Have a great evening.



  1. Love how your rug came out, beautiful use of hit and miss.


  2. It does take time to resort things after hooking a mat!! Too many worms, and your right,, they dont go away!! Your mat is great! Exciting to be going to barbs in may! Wow,,, fun,, love her patterns,,, must get her book out again,,, take care,,,

  3. You have been a busy gal...and very organized. Great job on the goat rug. Love when Ben gets in your pics.

  4. Worms multiply at night when we are sleeping, you know?
    Sweet, sweet Ben.
    Hugs :)

  5. Oops. I'm confusing posts. Ben is in the next one :)


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