Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stepping Away

Just when things seemed go well I reached my frustration level with colors.  Am trying to use up worms as close to the color Magdalena used in her Goat rug but am now questioning my choices.  So had to walk away, take a photo and look at it on the computer monitor.  
That color which triggered this is the pink/coral under the goat's belly. For reference below is the original Magdalena.
Sheesh, now that I'm comparing the original to what I've done so far it doesn't look like I've hit the mark on anything.  

In my defense my picture was taken with a flash which washes out colors, makes them appear brighter and lighter.  I'm sure the photo of the original for the on-line auction was taken with proper lighting and camera settings.

Just in case you're wondering, I haven't used any of the recently over dyed wool but will point out the area when it is used.  Since I'm taking a leave of absence from the goat briefly, think I'll work on my grandson's rug tonight.  Maybe I just need a break and will have renewed energy to finish up the bottom right of the Magdalena Goat tomorrow.



  1. I love it ~ I think you're on the mark......

  2. I like yours better than the original because of the definition of the goat. You can actually see the animal and I like the hit and miss style and colors.

  3. Your rug is amazing and me thinks you are very close to the original! Maybe just tone down the coral/pink with a little walnut stain???
    Hugs :)

  4. Your work is amazing!
    But don't be too hard on yourself.
    Maybe tomorrow a fresh look, and it will all seem better.
    I don't know how that could be though!

  5. Fresh eyes after a good night of sleep always does the trick. I think you're on target. Lovely work, as always.

  6. Looks great to me,,,, and the original one has faded with time! I love yours!! Have a great weekend,, we just got about 10 inches of snow!! Happy spring,,,,,

  7. I think you're doing a fabulous job of getting the look of the original! I don't think I could do as well. It's really wonderful, Saundra. Lori

  8. Wow ...think your rug is coming along beautifully !!!

  9. I love yours. It's amazing and so well done. Keep going girl.


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