Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sharing Saturday

Wish my post's topic was named "Friday Finishes"  like Debbie's blog post.  Plans were to not share a photo until all the inside area was hooked but life's duties got in the way Thursday and Friday......

And today after over two hours of cutting grass and other pollen related duties, plus TWO showers, was finally needing to sit and hook...uh with a glass of Cab wine (this is after 5 p.m. ya'll).
Sure would like to finish the center of the rug as I'm anxious to get to the border.  I want to do something different for the border than the way it was drawn ~ You'll just have to wait and see that.

On my THIS WEEK 'To Do' list is draw two patterns for someone and prepare my Magdalena Goat for wool whipping.  IF I'm lucky enough to get those accomplished I'll start working on the border.

Sadly I see fewer active blogs and I've also posted less frequently. Facebook is okay as long as it is in the Out of Hand group .  However, if you miss a day it requires hours of scrolling down thru dozens (hundreds?) of messages to see what was said since there are your friends and friends of your friends you don't even know.  

Heck, I can send an email to my friends to show them what I'm working on so there wouldn't be any need for me to do a blog.  

When first starting my blog it was to inform new hookers.  SO now seems I need a little help from my friends.  Let me know if blogs are now outdated.  Perhaps I should just enjoy hooking more without having to worry about sharing here.  



  1. You got a lot done.e on your rug.
    I think blogging is going the way of the dinosaur. The lustre has worn out.
    I deactivated my Facebook account way back and felt such a relief.

    I've neglected my blog and seldom post any of my many occupations anymore.
    Summer time is my busy time so I'll probably will slow down even more.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I check your blog daily and enjoy the rugs you are working on as well as the rug shows. Please don't think we do not enjoy your blog if we don't comment. You are a wealth of information to all of us newbies.

  3. To blog or not to blog? I have learned so much from reading your blog and appreciate all your help. I know it has to be a major chore to keep material in mind to post. A time or two I have end thought about doing one, but finlly came to my senses. Having a husband who needs a full time cook and housekeeper is enough for me. Some days it's almost impossible to find Hooking time. We will miss you, but that decision has to be yours.

  4. Saundra, love ur blogs! I dont follow too many,,,, but get them iff ur page,, they are the ines I do follow,,,,
    Love seeing ur progresses on yr mats,,, I am fairly new to the computer or tablet,,, so still feel excited about all this,,,
    I would miss ur posts very much,,,, take care , have good weekend,,, love ur mat , by the way!!! Love ur style,, must be rug camp time , soon,,,,,

  5. Keep on hookin! Loving your adaptation of this antique rug! Yes, there are fewer blogs to read, seems like everyone is switching to FB. I do enjoy reading your blog and a few others that pertain to Rug Hooking. I'm sure it does take up a lot of time & keep the ol' brain working overtime to come up with new ideas. Blog land must be on the way out, I wonder what will be the next trend? Groups on FB seem to be growing, and I do like keeping up with my rug hooking friends thru FB. Sometimes though, yes it takes lots of scrolling to get thru it all & I feel like I'm missing posts. Rainy days here in Ohio, great days for hooking & thinking about rug camps! Enjoy your day!

  6. I would miss your posts very much. I look forward to them. I understand it is a lot of work on your part, but I do so enjoy them.

  7. Saundra, your's is one of the only blogs I truly look forward to reading and seeing your work. And I JUST found you!!! I just love your rugs and the humor you exude when writing. You would be truly missed.

  8. Don't you dare stop blogging!!!!!

  9. I still haven't had time to figure out how to get my pictures downloaded from my phone to the I am one of those who hasn't posted on my blog in months. I prefer blog land over fb don't have to scroll thru lots & lots of posts, and I like more details & hear about my favorite creative friends . Even if you can only post a few times , that is still great to see what you are working on & learn more helpful tips. I would Miss You A Lot !!!

  10. You've been my go to since I've begun hooking... I look forward to reading and viewing whatever you post. Also, thank you for the many helpful tips and for welcoming and inspiring us---newbies and accomplished, one and all. I hope you continue to blog and keep posting.

  11. It is hard keeping up with blogs and doing them, but I still like them. I cut mine to two days, monday is my day for what I did for fun and friday for what I make. So, figure out what you do in a week and what days are best for news or finishes.


  12. I believe blogging is a more personal way to invite readers who are there for the purpose of enjoying what you are sharing ~ Unlike FB where there is just SO much happening..~ I enjoy blogging immensely, and love reading & following others' blogs as much as I love writing mine. Please don't stop.

  13. Hi Saundra,
    First of all, I LOVE your new rug!! The colors are so wonderful and I am excited to see how you will do the border!! Yes, LIFE can sure get in the way of all those fun things you want to do, but you know they are important! Then you can move on to the FUN!
    As to whether you should blog or not, PLEASE DON'T STOP!! Your blog is truly an inspiration to me and to others and I so look forward to visiting and reading it!! There may not be many of us Bloggers left, but I plan to keep on and hope you will, too!!
    Take care my friend, and thanks for your wonderful blog!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  14. Saundra, Have you been channeling my thoughts? I have noted a big dearth in the number of blogs I get in my email. Nothing from Cathy G, Lauren, Alice and Debbie St. Germain to name a few. I realized that I am going to your blog which I have as part of my toolbar to not just check up on you, but to check up on everyone else. I haven't read anything from Sunnie in my email later and she was there almost every day. I don't know what I would do without you as I don't check in with FB everyday. Please stay here. I would hate to lose you. We have been through so much over the years.

  15. Oh do not stop blogging!!! I love to visit I think that is more personal than ever.


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