Saturday, April 15, 2017


Happy Easter to all my blogger, hooker and follower friends.  First of all... Sue Swank, I got a chuckle at your comment and it started a frenzy.  Wanted to reply personally but you are a "NO-REPLY Blogger" so my message would not have gotten to you.  There is a way to remedy that ~ just Google the main words.  

To those friends who suggested I just sit and hook, forget vacuuming and weeding, that is exactly what I did (uh, didn't do).  So it is possible the rug will be finished this weekend.

On my harvest table is a rug design by Claire Murray, a school photo of my handsome 13 year old grandson, basket of applique eggs and a hooked Easter egg.  The Easter egg was hooked as an accompaniment to a rabbit which sold a few years ago.  As the rabbit and egg were priced separately the person only wanted the rabbit still have the egg.
That Claire Murray kit was an eBay purchase early in my hooking adventure. Seemed like a good idea to hook (not punch) with wool so gave it a try.   That was my first and last wool yarn hooked rug.  It's a cute design but hate hooking a whole rug with yarn.  It looks factory made and not nearly as endearing as wool strips.

OH..... for you newbies who want to try rug punching with either wool strips or wool yarn just remember to not buy patterns with words because you punch from the bottom.  Which means when you flip the rug over it would NOT say WELCOME... it would say EMOCLEW.  So keep that in mind for the design you choose to punch.

This is the very first time I've decorated with the Claire Murray rug ~ for years it has been rolled up in a tote and taken to shows to sell.  I can see it in a child's room, a cottage chic white wicker room but in my house only for Easter.

Happy Easter everyone.



  1. Happy Easter to you too Saundra.

  2. Hapoy easter, saundra,, love ur claire murray mat!! I do use alot of yarn, sweaters and wool strips in my mats, especially in landscapes,,, but like the mixture!! Enjoy ur blog,,, have a wondwrful weekend , cant wait to see ur mat done!! Take care,,

  3. Hi Saundra,
    I know you feel better about getting the "necessaries" done, so now you can really enjoy working on that amazing rug!!
    The rabbit rug is so pretty and though it may not fit your style now it is perfect for your Easter display! I have had several mishaps with punching projects and am now VERY CAREFUL about making sure the design looks BACKWARDS to me!! Thanks for the reminder!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter, and happy hooking!!
    Easter Hugs~

  4. My first mistake of the day!! Haha I meant to say the WORDS LOOK BACKWARDS!!!
    Julie xo

  5. Happy, happy Easter!
    I hope you were able to finish your rug. I have not had time to pull a loop :(
    Hugs :)


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