Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Fun Continues

Boy was I surprised when picking up mail yesterday afternoon.  There was a large brown package in the box and I hadn't ordered anything. When pulling out this pillowy soft package it sure felt like wool ~ but again hadn't placed an order.

Once pulled out could see the return address of my constant roomie and friend Deb.  Just couldn't wait to get back home to open it ~ was like Christmas in May.

There was a sweet message saying the gals thought of me daily so everyone decided to send me a piece of their wool.  Goodness, my pals were very nice to share their wool with me and Barb was very generous, but that IS Barb.  
Obviously some of this wool needed to be included in the GOSSIP rug ~ it was, after all what I'd planned to take to camp.  And if you read my blog you know that I did work on during their camp time. 

When the package arrived I'd already completely hooked the top 4 birds and the 5th was in the works.  Had to finish that bird first so today I started the 6th using some of the gals' wool.  That would be the purple bird using mostly Deb's wool because there just MUST be a purple bird, right Barb?
The eye of the bird and part of the wing is a strip of Shari's wool, the remainder of the wing is Barb's favorite wool as well as a piece of Deb's purple for a stripe.  

I think the beak and legs of the bird need to be changed since it is so close in value as the background (not part of the gal's wool).  I pulled that out of my grey bag of worms but maybe they need to be black.  

Am planning to use the other gals' wool in the rug as well and not sure where just yet.  

WOW, I'm so blessed to have such good friends who kept me close during a rug camp we've come to consider a part of our life and I couldn't enjoy this year.  

Thank you dear friends for thinking of me.  And now the fun still continues here at home and in my heart even after that camp.



  1. That was SO SWEET of your gal pals! Using it in the rug will be a constant reminder of the friendships.
    Hugs :)

  2. Oh, what a sweet bunch of true friends. Such wonderful jester of friendship and thinking of you.

    You couldn't go but still came out a winner. Enjoy your thoughtful gifts,
    Smile & hugs, Julia

  3. How very sweet of your friends and Barb! I'm sure they missed you being there very much. That would be a really fun package to receive. Enjoy!! Lori

  4. What a fun surprise and it will be fun to put them into your rug.


  5. What a wonderful surprise & true friendship! So nice of all of your fellow hooker friends, including Barb, to send you pieces of wool! Now you will have special memories in your rug! Hook on!!

  6. What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful way to use the wool. Hookers are so generous

  7. How special are you !!! You have some great friends, Saundra ! What a wonderful wooly good surprise.

  8. Awesome friends,,, awesome wools,,, ur mat looking great!! Such a fun, fun mat!! Take care,,,,

  9. ooh wool in the favorite thing ever...after checks of course...what wonderful friends!

  10. Hi Saundra,
    What a lovely surprise!!! I know they were thrilled to do it and you were thrilled to receive it.....a WIN/WIN!!!
    The wool is so lovely and how fun to be able to use it already! That rug will be extra special!! So happy that you have such caring friends!
    Hope the fun continues!! Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  11. How great to have friends like that. I am sure they missed you this year.

  12. What Great friends you have !!! Such a nice surprise !!! Love your little birds !!!


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