Friday, June 16, 2017

My Hooked Items #2

And so it continues.......  In my previous post was able to get 3 years worth of rugs in the one post.  But eventually found my rhythm and production of hooked rugs and items increased per year.  All newbies learn not to twist the wool, how to control the loop to prevent it from falling down when the next loop is pulled and finding that rhythmic feel.     
In 2005 I hooked Fall is Here, a design by Vermont Folk Rugs.  I was beginning to establish more of a wool stash and had a better sense of putting colors together.  I even over dyed that blue wool for the about getting BRAVE!  The first time I dyed it was if I was about to perform brain surgery and kept reading the instructions over and over from the beginning before doing each next step.
Then in an issue of Rug Hooking Magazine there was a delicious article by Karen Kahle with loads of pictures and a free pattern insert.  AH HA! Gotta hook that baby (I thought), and so I did. 
In one of Karen's catalogs I saw a pattern called Stop and Smell the Roses so that was the next to be hooked.  It remains on the floor since 2005 and still in great shape.  It is in an area where it is walked on several times a day but not in front of the kitchen sink or front door.  If I were to hook it now the white rabbit wouldn't be so white and would have picked a better choice of wool for the bunny on the left....Oh, and the basket would be different, lol.
Can't say anything bad about Harry, a design by Sally Kallin (Pine Island Primitives), since I purchased the kit.  I loved the rug when it was featured in an issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  So contacted Sally and ordered the pattern and kit with like wool. 
Although I'd always been creative...oil painted, made dolls and used to draw, I was very insecure about designing my own rug/mat.  And I wanted something for fall so designed a small very humble Pumpkin Runner and a side pocket for me to use to keep pen and money in at my shows.  The pumpkin runner sold so not all was lost.
A few years later I would design a small runner called Mache' Jacks which is a far cry better attempt at designing pumpkins.  But, in 2005 was still feeling my way around.

Soon after decided the side pocket didn't work so made some zippered pursettes.  I made a couple ~ sold one and kept one.  Since I made both black and white dolls thought I'd put one on each side.  At camps people have taken notice and taken photos of it.
Then came my first adaptation and cannot remember where the idea came from.  But was determined to hook a larger rug and experiment. Again came the 'brain surgery' of dyeing wool for the background color (hey, what did I know?, lol)

SO you see that I used a lot of what I had on hand...greys, black, white and overdyed white with YELLOW, lol.

FYI, yesterday's blogpost has been updated with more photos I've found.  It made sense to me to add the photos from 2001 in that post than add them here.  ....So, take a trip back in time and see what is there.

Happy Friday to you all.



  1. I will go on back. Loving your walk down your rug lane.

  2. I'm loving this rug show the most! Ah, Circle Whimsy is one of my favorite rugs...sorry I gave mine to my sister...

  3. Love these mats, purses, etc!! I love the karen kahle pattern! Did that one, too, squared mine off and did hit and miss all around! In a high traffic area and still looks great! Very antique looking! Enjoying ur mats, saundra!! Thanks for sharing,,,,

  4. It's fun and inspiring seeing your rugs from over the years. When you mentioned that you used what you had on had to hook with, it's precisely what the primitive rug hookers did in the old days. They created with what they had.

    We're having a Daily Discussion on how we document our rugs on Rug Hooking Daily and mine are documented through my blog even though my blog isn't all about rug hooking.

    Thanks for the show. It brightens this rainy day.
    Smiles & hugs,


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