Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Today

After yesterday's post of the resurrection of a former quilting project decided to work on it this morning over coffee, after breakfast and until lunch.  It soon became clear why decided to stop playing, picked up my marbles and went home.  For today before the other pieces could be joined it required more pieces of homespun to be cut for the star squares. 

I've seen blog posts by Jennie of GA where she has cut ALL her small quilt pieces and stacks them very orderly.  Now that's a real dedicated quilter.  Me?  HA!  I'm a by the seat of my pants quilter just like hooking rugs.  But must say perhaps this was the way for me to go because originally my plan was to have the complete quilt with ALL blocks of stars.  Now my plan is to have an outline of those stars circling the top of the spread with other squares filling in.  Soon I'll share what little progress was made but this TOO ..one day....will be a completed project.  Anyway.... back to the GOSSIP rug.
Must admit that I LOVE how my idea of making those feathers using dark would frame the piece.  Wasn't sure if it would turn out yet seems it did.

BUT...the BIG BUT, is that I fidgeted with that damn feather so much I'm dreading the BIG MOTHER to the right side.  Before tackling the left feather had considered 'outlining and filling' as it IS supposed to be primitive.  No way I was doing a #4 realistic rug so used #8.5 in the leaves as well as many blue worms from my stash as I could find. The same goes for the birds ~ most of the cuts are #8 from the stash.

Will soon tackle the Big MOTHER of leaves on the right.  However, think I'll work on the abandoned quilt in the morning.  Then will start binding the Olde Hearts rug.  Me thinks it is time to walk away from GOSSIP for a tad so that I'm ready to attack the MOTHER of all FEATHERS on the right side.

Happy Tuesday.



  1. Your left feather is amazing. You do great work.

  2. Your feather is wonderful and I am sure your large feather will be perfect as well.

  3. How do you find so much "play" time? I still haven't pulled a loop today!
    Your feather is amazing!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. You got a lot done on that rug. I agree with everyone. Your feather is fantastic.
    I've been gardening all afternoon except for barn time and after supper, I help my husband with a flowerbed he's working with interlocking stones so no hooking today either. We just came in at 10:00pm.

    I'll have to catch up on the previous post.
    Smiles & hugs, Julia

  5. I love how the feather looks with the feathering, really brings it all together.


  6. Saundra,,, wow,, love that leaf!! Its wonderful! You will have fun,, fun with the next one,,,,
    Awesome!! That quilt will get done, eventually! ,TAKE CARE,,,,,

  7. That feather is perfection!! Maybe you should have started with the big one...LOL.


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