Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What Was I Thinking??

That isn't a rhetorical question.  Actually I'd like to know what you thought I was thinking when hooking the sheep.  Just wish the legs were hooked too but I've been tardy enough posting on my blog so decided to go for it without the legs.

The design is called "Have You any Wool" and is a pattern offered by Woolley Fox.  I had a vision but think this one fell short of my expectations, unlike the Gossip rug.  So what do you think I was trying to accomplish here?
Since I took liberties changing the shape of the sheep's body decided to shorten the legs as well.  Now to hook the legs and decide what the heck the background and border colors will be.  Background can't be too dark because of the dark face.  Can't be too light either because of the grey sheep.

As I have a tendency to paint myself in a corner....stick around and see how I work myself out of this mess.

Happy Tuesday all.



  1. I like it the different way the wool goes.

  2. I know you will pick a shade that works, thinking a lighter color would work nicely, depending on the shades in the sheep, wether in blues or greens in that mix?


  3. are you trying to make your sheep look like a ball of yarn?

  4. I always fall back on red...my favorite color.

  5. Love ur sheep! Looks like a rolled ball of yarn! Fun, fun,,, cant wait to see more,, I have a sheep mat to do someday,,,,

  6. The sheep looks like a ball of yarn. I'm not quite sure what you had in mind but I'm sure it will turn out great. There are flowers and leaves , maybe the background could be grass.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. I love sheep and yours is darling. Never thought of hooking it quite that way but it does look like yarn. Please continue to show progress as you go.

  8. Wow I love your work Saundra. Your like a encyclopedia of rughooking !
    I caught up on your posts. The antique rugs are amazing does the age mellow them. I am not sure if I like brand new hooked rugs or old weathered rugs. I always love your color selection! Hugs cheri


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