Sunday, July 30, 2017

Antique Rug Show

I'd really intended to post a photo of my in progress sheep pattern but there is still too much of the sheep to hook.  I've been busy trimming limbs, picking up pine cones, etc.  in preparation of the grass cutting. So didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped.
Love the border of the above rug and that was sorta what I'd hoped to achieve in the border of my Olde Hearts rug recently hooked.  Also like the simplicity of the flowers and stars.
Old dog rug above is very naive and would be fun to pull from the wool strip bags to hook that background.
The two ducks rug above was in an old issue of Country Home magazine.
It is fun to find the old rugs which have motifs out of proportion, a perfect example of a naive primitive design.
Love the antique rug above and it was the model for Jo Wick's recent hooked rug in a class with Barb Carroll.
Another dog rug with stars, leaves and zig zag border.  But I'm wondering if it might be a more recently hooked rug made to look old.  I do like that blotchy background.
The rug above was hooked around 1925 and in the Canadian Textile Museum.  I do believe those are bee hives and honey the animals and birds are looking for.
The above Eagle Pair is gorgeous and was said to have been hooked around 1870 and found in the Lititz, PA area.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and hope your next week meets your expectations.



  1. I really like the eagle rug. It looks like there's a water fall in the background. It looks in pretty good condition for being that old. I also like the top one...

    I love eagles probably because we've had a pair of eagle that have been nesting near the barn in tall pine trees for about 10 years or more. They only rebuilt their nest when Hurricane Arthur destroyed their tree and their nest came tumbling down in pieces spread over a long distance.

    Thanks for the show.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Thanks for the show. I do love that first rug!
    Hope to see your sheep rug soon.
    Hugs :)

  3. Wow! You never disappoint,,,, love them all,,, so awesome,,,,
    The older mats have so much ,, character,,,, imagine how bright they were when made!!! Aged to perfection!


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