Thursday, January 4, 2018

Finally Finished

Thank goodness the rugs are finally bound and can continue hooking my current project without telling myself I should be binding.  The Primitive Horse rug below is a Lib Callaway design which is offered by Jeannie Benjamin and understand Jan Cole sells the pattern as well.
The finished size of Primitive Horse is 251/2 x 391/2.  It was hooked using hand torn, scissor and machine cut.  Also pulled wool from my worm bags.  Size strips ranged from #8 to #10 and larger.  The photo below shows this rug was bound using doubled cotton of the same colors.
Birthday Lion is a Bill Laraway design, was hooked using #8.5 and #9 strips.  The finished size measures 201/2 x 25.
This one also got its label attached since I'd already printed it up.  However the Primitive Horse rug still needs its label.  But the most dreaded work has been done....the binding.
Blizzard still going strong here but weatherman says snow will let up today around 5 p.m.  This area is receiving more snow than predicted but what is worse is the sub freezing temperatures with wind.  

That is compounded by the fact my stage 2 emergency heat is fueled with propane and am almost out.  The company does not deliver this area until next Tuesday so I'm sure the tank will be totally empty before that.  So if my heat pump kicks in it will work its self to death trying to keep the house warm.

But at least I'm thankful for what heat and electricity there is here now.  Hope all of you in this weather are able to stay warm.  Snuggle up under a rug and hook, hook, hook.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Congratulations on getting them done!! Looking forward to your next project! Please stay safe and warm!! Wool is THE PERFECT BLANKET!!
    With the speed of your hook, I know you will generate some heat, too!!
    Take care and keep warm!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. You got it done... Congratulations... I worry about you running out of heat in this bad weather bomb. I'm serious... Anything can happen with frozen pipes and that's no fun... We have a generator for light, water, and fridge and freezer and a wood stove in the basement to keep the floor warm and one on the main floor so we are OK should the power go out. Right now the wind is howling as the wind come across the river.

    Stay bundled up and warm.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. They both came out beautifully, love the colors and antique look in both of them.


  4. You are amazing!
    They look amazing,,,,
    And not small at all,,,, good for you!
    Stay warm,,,,
    Yikes frigid here too, but no storm!
    Wd have propane, too,,, and our main heat in kitchen , living area,,, will be expensive month of dec,,, but ok as long as warm,,, and we dont run out!!!

  5. Sandra , I tried to send you a message , but it says my e-mail isn't valid . What do you use to transfer a pattern ? I have wool that id decades old , but has been in moth balls , it is in perfect condition. I am afraid to put in my washer & dryer due to how much lint it will have ....any suggestions ??? I prefer using nice soft, fluffy wool . Freezing in Mass , Nancy

  6. Love your finishes.! Stay safe, you guys are really getting hammered.


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