Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rug Hooking Related Chit Chat

To me this is a total MESS!  I'd like to think it as 'creative chaos' but in reality it changed from an organized grouping of wool worms (by color) and developed into CHAOS.  Here is photo #1 where the worms are filling the spot where my handsome boy Ben would normally be looking at me with love in his eyes and guarding the yard.
Notice the gathering of mixed colors on the arm of the sofa as well as to the left where I'd fill that clean space.  All those worms will multiply, then when the rug is done will need to be separated AGAIN to put in bags by color.  Just for effect, here is a front view.
For over 10 years I went to Barb Carroll's rug camp and stayed on her lovely premises in one of the Ligonier cabins.  That is until May 2016 when my ex husband couldn't come take care of Ben.  I couldn't find a kennel in time so missed last year.  Then Barb sold the property and our group decided it was time to end the delightful camp.  

Long story short, I needed to fill my spring hooking habit.  But my registration for Maryland Shores rug camp in April was sent too late so couldn't get into any classes.  Told the camp organizer to put me on a waiting list and just Monday found out I'd gotten lucky.  So now in a class taught by Eric Sandberg who is filling in for Norma.  I've taken a class with Eric before so since he does color well.  

 As all of you know my color choices are earthy and am uncomfortable using bright colors.  Therefore I'm taking a pattern which spoke to me but require colors not in my usual comfort zone.  That camp will be in April and you will have a chance to see what that design will be.

Am sorry if you got bored by all this verbiage ~ guess I need to shorten my blog posts.

Hope you on the eastern shore have enjoyed these 60+ temperatures as things are about to get back to normal temps.  The party is over.



  1. Not long at all so sorry the camp you loved is no more but glad you got into the other one. You know I am northeast and we had freezing rain most of the day. Looking forward to seeing your new rug.

  2. Not too long in the verbiage. I always enjoy your posts. April isn't toooo far away.

  3. Mess, chaos??? Whatever are you referring to? I see only bliss 😉

  4. Isn't that the way it is supposed to look, lol.
    It is good to take a class in something new and different, can't wait to see what you will be doing.


  5. Love that chaos , too!!
    Looks soo interesting,,,, other peoples worms always look better than mine!
    I do sort some in colors, as well as yarns,,,
    Doing a scrappy hearts runner,, and exactly like u say,,, pull more out and even have to cut bits more,,, yikes,, but fun,,,
    Looking forward to seeing ur mat for camp,,, something for u to look forward to,,,,
    Not long, at all!! Enjoy,,,,

  6. Where you are comfy hooking looks great ! Everything you need is close at hand ...so many color choices . Going to the rug camp will be good for your spirit & inspiring . It's always fun to visit here !

  7. What mess, I see a huge collection of wide cut worms and a bottle of wine. You have everything but the glass to be comfy.

    Sorry I missed commenting on some of your blogs. I had some computer issues that were looked at today.
    I'll try to catch up on past posts.
    hugs, Julia

  8. Wow. You are even messier than I am...lol!
    Happy to hear you were able to get in a rug camp.
    I am sure you are missing your handsome boy. They leave HUGE paw prints on our hearts ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Hi Saundra,
    I ALWAYS enjoy your posts, and learn something each time you share!!
    When we create, it is so hard to be neat, but just remember all the BEAUTY that comes from the clutter! To those of us who make things, all we see is CREATIVE JOY!!!
    Happy to hear you are able to go to the rug camp, too!!
    Take care and enjoy your week!!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. Have fun with Eric....light, bright, dark and dull...lol. I really miss having him down this way. I learned so much from him. Did Barb move into town? What is she doing about her classes? Know you will miss your trips there.


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