Saturday, January 6, 2018

On My Frame

Now that the two rugs have been bound can enjoy hooking the present rug.  The blizzard of 2018 has interrupted my fun but thank God I have electric.  Here is what little I've accomplished on my current project.  Maybe you know what the pattern is... if not it will be revealed in a future post.
As the temperatures are sub-freezing the heat pump switches to propane emergency stage 2 heat.  December 26th I had 42% propane.  Tuesday January 2nd I had 25% propane and called to order a tank full.  Yesterday morning (just 3 days later) there was only 16% left.  My propane dealer only delivers on Tuesdays in my town and am concerned I will use all my propane before delivery next Tuesday.

So trying to conserve propane reduced my thermostat to 60 degrees and plugged in a space heater to supplement the inside heat so the propane won't kick on as much.   
Thankfully a neighbor called to ask if they could pick up something for me since they were going to venture out on the roads.  I asked them to buy me two space heaters IF there were any left on the shelves.

So he purchased two for me and loaned me one of his.
Now I have one  in the living room, kitchen, office and bedroom.
The space heater in the living room has a 4 hour timer but the other three only have up to an hour time limit.  So my sleep was interrupted visiting all the space heaters and turning them back on a few times during the night.  Am hoping this will let the propane last until delivery on Tuesday.  Cannot believe how cold it has been and for so long; hope this means an early spring.

But, I'm very thankful to have electric as the situation could have been worse.

Hope you are all able to stay warm.



  1. I'm glad you got some additional space heaters and I hope the weather will turn warmer before Tuesday.
    I don't recognize the pattern at all but it looks like you kept warm by moving that hook at full speed, lol...

    The cold wind is blowing from the North and my pipes were frozen at the barn this morning but I could get them going in about 15 minutes so it was just a little inconvenience. I'm thinking of warmer temperatures.
    Wrap yourself in the wool to keep warm.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Glad you got the space heaters. Do keep warm.

  3. Hi Saundra,
    I'm so very happy your neighbor was able to get those space heaters for you!! You already have enough cold outside without being cold inside, too!! Hoping those hold you over till you can get the propane! Love your new rug and will look forward to hearing what it is!! A Magdalena is my guess!
    Stay warm, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Electric is expensive here in the northeast but you have to do what you have to do. We heat with heating oil not cheap either. But we are graced with a woodstove that I would not be without. We haven't bought wood for several years as we have been cutting trees on our property so except for the hard work free.
    I have no idea what you are working on but I need to get moving I have to finish at least on of the 3 unfinished rugs I have sitting here before I start another.
    keep warm

  5. Thank goodness for the heaters. Even with my gas furnance going non-stop I use an electric heater that I move from room to room. It is just so cold the house won't warm up.
    Can't even hazard a guess on the new rug.

  6. iPad ate my comment. ARGH!
    Magdalena goat?
    I hope your propane holds out. Thankfully the temps are supposed to improve beginning tomorrow. It will feel like a heat wave. I normally keep my house quite cool (and I'm a freeze baby) because I refuse to heat the entire house when I spend lots of time in the hooking or computer room. Space heaters are my best friend :). At night I turn the heat down and crank up the electric blanket.
    Stay warm and safe.

  7. Forgot to mention I love the butcher block in your kitchen!

  8. No idea what you are hooking, my brain isn't working.
    I am grateful we have gas heat, never have to worry about running out but if the power goes out, so does the heat. I hope you are staying safe, space heaters scare me.


  9. Wow! Saundra,, hope u last till tuesday,,,,
    We are in same boat,, propane going fast,,,,
    Might have to get a floor heater , as well,,, our kitchen pipes froze the other night,,, got them going, thank goodness,,,, but bitter ladt nite, so kept them running,,
    Not sure if thats a fox !? Interesting anyway,,,,
    Kerp warm,,,


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