Sunday, January 28, 2018

Near the Finish Line

Ah, getting close to the finish of Magdalena's Goat (smaller size).  But you know me, am second guessing wool choices again.  If you compare photos against the previous post you can see some of the yellow was pulled out and replaced between the back feet.  And still considering replacing that spot with something else again.
The other areas being considered for change are the goat's muzzle and tail.  Below is a photo of where I'd placed the wool over top the light wool ~ think I like that better.  What do you think?
When the hooking is done on this rug will start Spike and set this aside for binding later.  

Today after posting this I will cut linen and draw a couple antique adaptation patterns for someone.

Yesterday the temperatures were very mild so thought I'd attempt  starting my riding mower and mulch the leaves in my front and side yards.  Didn't really think I'd have success since this was such a hard frigid winter.  Luckily it started and was able to accomplish the mulching before today's rain.

Happy Sunday.



  1. I prefer the second pic with the smaller areas of muzzle and tail. I do like the change of the yellow to the blue also. Enjoy your weather today because it will be changing back to winter again soon.

  2. I like the changes...both of these rugs...large and small are amazing!

  3. I like the changes also. In the first photo, the goat looks more like a stuffed toy, but in the second photo, it looks more alive. That's my humble opinion.

    It's mild here too but we still have lots of snow even though we've had a second January thaw.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Yes, I agree that I like the changes, too!! I just really LOVE this rug and all those colors make my heart happy!!!
    Hope you enjoy reaching the finish line!!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Can't believe you've already gotten to work in your yard!!! I'm sure you are happy to have gotten it done.
    Mag's Goat looks great either way.

  6. My opinion is, if you like it, then do it;) We all have different tastes, for me, I like the simpler look better, but to me, it is how I feel about a piece I make and if it bugs me, it goes.


  7. Like the change, too,,, even tho , thought it was goid before! Too many decisions!
    Like julia,,,, cant believe ur in ur yard!!!
    TThough,, our snow is disappearing fast in the thaw!!!
    But not over yet,,,,
    Take care,,

  8. I like the change, too. I think you should break up the blue between the back legs. You don’t have any other solid places like that in the background. I love this smaller goat!


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