Thursday, January 25, 2018

Rounding the Bend

I'm getting closer to the finish line but still a ways to go.  Yesterday there wasn't a whole lot of hooking done since I traveled two hours (there and back) to deliver my Bernette serger for repair.  The Bernette was in mid-serging mode on a linen pattern for someone when it just stopped.  

Was so afraid the work horse had seen it's final days but received a call this afternoon saying it can be picked up tomorrow.  YIPPEE!  Having it back will be worth the standard $90 fee plus whatever parts were needed.  Guess it pays to pay the big bucks for quality equipment.  So that means more travel again tomorrow and less hooking.

Okay, this is what Magdalena's Goat, smaller version, looks like at this time.  The photos are taken with different settings and the one below is usually closer to the real colors with fewer pixels.
Photo below, when tapped, will enlarge and see more detail in the wool chosen.  At quick glance you can see the picture below looks more washed out.
I've already replaced some loops with different wool choices but see other places which need a redux.  A noticeable one would be that gold and yellow between the two back feet.  It just looks too out of place.  Which is funny considering it is a Magdalena and with a hit and miss background.  But hey, if it bothers me I'll have to change it for me.

Although it has been mentioned before, the original Magdalena Goat pattern measurements are 29 x 35 and the small measures 22 x 26.

Have a great evening.



  1. Yay for your serger to be ready for pick up tomorrow. My daughter has a Serger and wanted one but I really don't sew enough anymore to warrant one. I don't sell patterns so I can get by with the zigzag stitch.

    Your goat rug is looking nice. the yellow and gold looks OK to me.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. As usual, you are not giving yourself any credit!!! You've made great progress.

  3. Looks great to me, making good progress.


  4. Looking real good,,,,
    Good news about ur machine,, you need that if u do patterns,,,
    Take care,,,
    Love all the hit and miss,,,

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  6. Nice progress. I have always sworn by Bernina until my last machine, a high end machine now residing in a box in my basement after three unsuccessful trips to the factory for repair. Long story. Glad your serger could be repaired!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    So happy you were able to get your serger fixed and it didn't cost an arm and a leg!! Wish I had one, but at least I have several different zigzag stitches on my New Home machine!!
    I just love all the colors in this pattern and one day I hope to hook a Magdalena rug!! Would love to "blink" myself there for some special tutoring, too!!
    Hope you have a great week!!
    Heart Hugs~

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog! What a treat it is to be introduced to a fellow hooker and to see all the inspirational posts on your blog. : )


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