Monday, January 15, 2018

Magdalena Goat Update

In a previous post mentioned I'd decided to hook this design twice.  The first was hooked with Magdalena's original size of 29 x 35 and replicating her colors as best I could using my wool.  Thinking the original might be larger than some folks would like to tackle decided to reduced the pattern to 22 x 26 and using different colors.  
Jo Wick would have had this rug hooked and bound by now as she is quite the fast hooker ~ me not so fast.  

When I drew and hooked the original design wanted to stay true to the color and directional change of Magdalena, thus many fine drawn lines.  Hooking this smaller size found myself hooking past drawn lines and doing my own thing.  Then realized how intimidating the pattern must look.  SO, future patterns will look less complicated and let the hooker choose how to fill the space.

Next time you see the update it might just look different still. Yeah, I know... I'm fickle.

Happy Monday.



  1. It's sure coming together. I do like the colorful background (I know there's a name for that but can't remember 🙄.)

  2. I like how you are doing the background, the colors pop more, but still has that old look.


  3. You are pretty fast in my mind!
    You get alot done!
    Its looking great!
    You always do a great job,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,, ,

  4. I would say the same as Elaine you are pretty fast. I do like that rug.

  5. I am thinking that I prefer your version best so far. And I like the look of this smaller size.

  6. Love how you hook the background ! Looks great !


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