Sunday, June 23, 2019

Antique Rugs to Enjoy

First up is the Stag and Apples rug hooked by Mary E. Witmer.  Stated as a Mennonite hooked piece which measures 21 x 33.
A photo of the label on the back.  Looks like a coarse yarn was used.
A cat is framed with scroll type leaf and vine design.  
It's time to show you this House with Mountains in the background, I see it was saved in my file in 2018.  At first glance it appears this  might be the back but can see it is the front as it is mounted on framing.
The Central Blue Flower and geometric border rug measures 11.5 x 17 and from Newport, R.I.
Simplicity at its finest albeit a little worse for wear antique hooked single Tulip.
Dog sniffing a flower measures 25.5 x 35 from Bangor, Maine.  Here is the front view.
And the back view.  Appears to have little fading.
Since the grass got cut today and a blog post done it is time to sit and hook a spell.  OMG, I'm beginning to imitate my great grandmother with my vocabulary..."sit.....a spell".

Have a great evening ~ less humid today and no rain.  Hope weather was kind to you wherever you live.



  1. I still love the little worse for wear tulip.

  2. A number of years ago, I hooked a small mat very similar to the tulip.
    Gorgeous day in Ohio!!! Rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

  3. Another great rug show!
    Thank you,,,,
    We had an awesome weekend!
    So nice to have no rain till today,,,,
    Everything so green!!
    Take care,,,,

  4. Love the stag rug, but the kitty has my heart of course. Thundering, lightening and raining to beat the band here. Talk about sounding like your grandmother LOL. And BTW....I think you’re making fine progress on your Magdalena rug. I got halfway through my little mat and then started a stitch project LOL. ~Robin~

  5. Love all of these rugs. So sweet! Janice


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