Sunday, June 30, 2019

Back to the Big One

Must admit I'm liking hooking a small rug as a break and just might keep two rugs going simultaneously in the future.  That would be one SMALL and another whatever size.  It gives me a break between rugs and prevents boredom for those who might read my blog on occasion.

Here's the Great Granddaughter's Rug right now.  Am embarrassed to say I binge watched Killing Eve with Sandra Oh.  It is such a weird show and required my full attention to catch what was going on.  When doing that I can't pull loops.
This evening my attention will be directed to the great Kelley Freebie so am hopeful there will be more accomplished on that for next post.

It has been too hot for me to do walking, besides with the big scoop out of my shin I wasn't supposed to overdo since the legs carry the weight of my body.  Will hate to step on the scales after a week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and there's a big holiday coming up.



  1. I need to do the 2 rugs but I can't even get past the one.

  2. That sorta was the plan behind having a hooking and a stitching project going at the same time. Ok...who am I kidding? It has nothing to do with boredom...more to do with ADHD...and right now, as I said in my comment before, neither is getting any attention right now. You have me curious about Kelley’s freebie...will have to go check it out... I’m not sure if I am even a member of that group...I keep up with FB even less than blogging LOL.... ~Robin~

  3. Its coming along,,, great!
    Always like to have more than one on the go,,,
    At the moment have too many not finished!
    Love that show!!
    Can definitely not do anything while watching it!!
    Take care,
    Canada day today,,, but then everyday a holiday!!

  4. Sounds like a plan. I like to have a small one going for taking when I go out to hook in addition to the boredom issue. Take care of the leg.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Sounds like a great idea to have two going to keep your interest and also change things up for your blog!! Always love to see what you are up to!!
    I have multiple projects going all the time and my poor sewing room looks like a tornado hit, but amazingly, I seem to know where everything just takes me a bit longer to dig it out!!! lol
    Hope your shin heals up quickly, too! I am still walking each day but have to do it at 5 AM in order to beat the heat! When I don't walk, I sure do miss it!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Such a cool rug and you are making great progress, but you probably don't think!

  7. I usually have at least four projects going at all times in 4 different mediums. Piecing a quilt, a quilt in the hand quilting stage, a rug in process and either or both a cross stitch project and an embroidery project. Can you tell I gave the attention span of a gnat.
    Love your rug.


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