Sunday, June 9, 2019

Great Granddaughter's Rug

Have been anxious to get the lollipop bouquet hooked so I could show you the update.
In case you don't recall, this one was drawn to the size of 26 x 35.  When back on the frame think I'll finish that section below the lollipop bouquet then move to the top.  Will hook the other upside duck first then move downward to the other lollipop bouquet.

Again, here is a photo of Great granddaughter Ellen Jacobs and her son Gregg the day she was donating the rug to the Historical Society of Perry County, Pennsylvania.
If you tap on the photo to enlarge, and if you look hard at the left of the first lollipop you will see what I believe is an image of a paw print.  So naturally I drew it on mine.

Today it was cool and thought it would be a great day to work outside as I did yesterday.  But it ended up drizzling and getting cooler, so dang... I was sequestered to inside the house and forced to hook, har har har 😃😃 😃.

Happy hooking.



  1. Saundra,,,,
    Its lovely!
    Love what u have done so far!
    Love, love,,,
    going to rain today,,, but have appts,,, so no hooking here!
    Maybe later,,,
    Have a great day,,,

  2. that continues to be such a wonderful rug! We are warm for another day for motorcycles then into the rain for us.

  3. I am so sorry you had to stay indoors and hook :(

  4. Wish I could sit & hook too … mosquitoes can bother you today !!!

  5. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? NOT sorry LOL. Well, I guess you can tell our weather has been pretty stinky here if you judge by my hooking progress.... I have gotten quite a bit (by MY standards LOL) done. Once I catch up with blogging, I will have to share. You are making short work of this rather large rug! Love the paw print detail. ~Robin~


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