Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Pause that Refreshes

The pause give you something interesting to look at and gives me the pause to do a little more hooking AND/OR yard work.  But also doctor appointments as I've lots more of those coming up.  Hand surgery, dental surgery and dermatologist.  Seems those doctor appointments increase in number as we get older.

Okay, now to the fun....

A floral with doves, the letter 'P', and tied knots....perhaps this was a wedding rug.  No date but it was from the collection of Jack and Tommie Marsh
An early 1900s oval rug with geometric border and central floral design.
Here is a view of the back where you can see the true colors and that it was hooked on burlap.

This Colorful Daisy designed rug with blue swag inside beauty line measures 36 x 42 and hails from NH.
A sweet 1915 Rabbit with checkerboard corners, wool on burlap, from the collection of Jack and Tommie Marsh collection.  Measures 33 x 43. 
I might have shown the 'flying horse' rug before as it is constantly on my mind to hook.  I've even done a line drawing of it but then decided to hook something else.  Ya'll know how I change my mind in a heart beat.  This rug was hooked between 1880-90 and measured 36.5 x 37.  The original sold for $3,198.
Okay kiddos, grass all cut before MORE rain comes during the night.  Think tomorrow I'll have a free day to do....whatever.  So me thinks I'll hook and take a walk in the afternoon.



  1. It just started raining here again. Though small, I'm very happy I made myself mow the yard today. The poor farmers!

  2. That bunny is sweet. Wow - keep well. That's a lot of medical stuff.

  3. You are busy as always. Enjoy a slow day tomorrow

  4. Wow,,, again,,, great mats!
    I need to get my hooking mojo back!!
    Been busy outside,, and in between rainy days , doing ither stuff,,,,
    Saundra, hope ur hand surgery doesnt disrupt yr hooking!
    We are having a few weeks without drs appt , etc,,,, yeah!!
    Take care,,,,

  5. Love all these rugs !!! Yikes , you will be busy with Dr apts …..but you are right as we get older , we have more , but hope we stay healthy !!! Just lots of check ups ! Between the twins Dr apts & their Mommy , I am super busy ….hope to hook or punch something this weekend !!!

  6. Hand surgery?? Ruh Roh! How the dickens are you gonna hook???? I love, Love, LOVE that horse rug!!! It reminds me of a carousel horse from the carnival! You gotta move that up on your hook dance card! ~Robin~


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