Sunday, December 29, 2019

Hidden Image Revealed

Among the photos in my previous blog post there was a vintage hooked rug (below).
I asked if anyone could see a hidden image in the rug somewhere.  Only one person found it right away, great job seeing it Lady Locust.  Then a few people said they couldn't find it so I gave them a hint.  At which time they could see the image.  Unfortunately since Gina and Carrie are NO REPLY BLOGGERS (no email address provided in the Blogger account), I was unable to write them.

So now, look at the tree to the right of the house.  Do you see it now?  If not..... what about now?
Do you see a Gnome hidden in the leaves and branches now?

Don't know how it is possible for a year to go by so fast and it is almost 2020.  Does your family have a traditional New Years meal?  My mother always cooked black eye peas as the New Year's meal.  It was supposed to be good luck.  As part of that southern tradition some also include collards and corn bread; I just might include that in my meal plan as well.

One year I forgot to buy my bag of black eye peas and there were none left in any of the stores.  But I searched even the dollar stores and found a can of prepared beans.  Wasn't as good as fresh cooked from scratch but mentally I was satisfied.



  1. My Great grandmother always said we had to eat peas on New Years Day for a prosperous new year. You are the first who has heard of or done something similar. Anyhoo- we will eat or peas :-)

  2. Sauerkraut and pork with mashed potatoes usually.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Nope no special meal. I see it now but oh I guess I am not good at those search things I guess. We are in for 2 days of nasty weather. so we will tuck in and watch old movies and enjoy being home.

  4. Just having a few appetizers and a few margaritas for New Years Eve. When the kids were still at home I always grilled lobster tails and we enjoyed king crab legs. It was a treat once a year. Unfortunately no good seafood shops here where we live now, so that tradition was replaced. Wishing you a blessed New Year Saundra! Look forward to seeing more rugs in the new year. Janice

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Thanks for sharing where the hidden object was!! I thought I saw it, but was just not sure and then thought I saw a faint horse in the blue background, but figured they were both wrong so decided to just wait to hear what was really there!!
    Interesting about the black eyed peas and have not heard of that before!! Hope you can find some this year!! We usually have some sort of shrimp dish!
    Hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2020, filled with LOTS of wonderful rugs!!!
    Heart Hugs, my friend~
    Julie xo

  6. My mom always had pork and sauerkraut...but I don't eat the kraut. My brother's dso will be serving that tomorrow. After that, a nice quiet evening pulling a few loops or stitches.
    Happy New Year. Health and happiness to you.

  7. Never saw the gnome, and had to look hard when you pointed it out. Guess I lack imagination. Thanks for the reminder. I need to pick up peas today. Happy NY!


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