Friday, December 13, 2019

Throw Back Thursday on Friday

I graduated high school in 1959 and this is our class photo taken on the school steps for our year book.  Just like each of us, this year book is showing its age.
I happen to be in the front row right in the middle of the fold just above the arrow.  Yeah, back then I wore a DA hair cut.

Here is a 35 year reunion photo of those who attended.  I'm in the second row dressed in winter white.  The woman in purple near me is my longtime friend Pat.  She had a horse named Dixie and I had a horse named Richie.  We use to pack lunches and go horseback riding in the woods.  There was a lot more wooded land back then and lots of nice dirt roads to roam.
I didn't attend the 50th reunion this year as I was in Cape May attending a wonderful rug camp with Kris Miller.  But did receive a photo of those who did attend.
This week I had Christmas lunch with several of classmates and it was fun seeing and chatting with some I hadn't seen since graduation.

Was pleasantly surprised to see Mrs. Owens, one of my former teachers who taught me typing and shorthand.  Mrs. Owens is the gal with still natural red  hair and the red sweater.  The typing skill has been invaluable all thru my secretarial employment but the shorthand was never used (thankfully) due to wonderful transcribing machines.
My horseback riding buddy Pat was there but upon coming home noticed I didn't get a frontal photo of her.  Pat wearing the snowman jacket.  However, you can see a recent photo of her in the September 50th reunion pic above; Pat is second row dressed in black.
Won't bore you with any more photos.  There were still folks showing up for the lunch, thus the empty tables.



  1. Great pictures , you look great ! Had to be fun seeing old classmates .

  2. amazing how some people age and how you never aged!!!! There are people who look like they could be your mother! Good genes!

  3. You are very young looking. Great photos. Isn't it fun looking back! Janice

  4. Great seeing these,,
    You sure look great,,,,
    Young indeed!

  5. So much fun, catching up with old friends!

  6. Hard to believe how the years have flown by. SCARY!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    So nice you could get together with old friends!!
    Take care and enjoy your hooking time!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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