Friday, December 6, 2019

The Mighty Whale

This is what I've accomplished so far on the whale antique adaptation.  Wanted to get all of the whale hooked before posting on the blog.
Drew mine to measure 19.5" x 32" which is an easy enough size for me to hook and see some sort of end result.  Don't know how anyone can do a room size rug ~ first because of the weight and mostly because I'd get bored working on the same thing for a year or so.  It would seem like driving on a road to nowhere.

TGIF you to worker bees out there and happy hooking.

      P.S.  Carol Rock-Altenhof <> I am unable to reply to your email question because you are a NOREPLY blogger.  But to answer your question, the 2 crows design known as The Gossips is by Quail Hill Designs and I have no idea who is now offering those designs on linen.



  1. I just cannot believe how much you've already gotten hooked.
    Can you say JEALOUS???

  2. you would not be hooking long on a room size rug you are so quick on a rug.
    I like how it is coming along.

  3. There is something about whales!
    Doing a great job,,,

  4. Your wale rug is beautiful, Saundra !


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